August 2006

I had some difficulty coming up with a title for this post. I was thinking about “Why Condoms Were Invented” Or perhaps “Burn the Midwest” or maybe “People still live in the flyover states?” But with all that aside I bring you this wonderful news bit from our friends in wonderful Madison, WI.  So […]

Giving Up TV I saw this article and began to think. I don’t really watch TV. My Myspace profile didn’t even list any TV shows until today. I enjoy the Soprano’s and Entourage and Penn and Teller: Bullshit. I find that I don’t watch these on a TV I watch them on my laptop on […]

I sometimes ponder how I keep coming up with new names for each blog post. But lets get started. Last night started off the same as every other night but it just seemed a bit odd. I was in class and checked out my bloglines account and noticed Junniper had updated her blog with a […]

T-Factor Podcast Show #9 Co-Host Christi Craigslist Laughs Hello, Goodbye – Here in Your Arms Thanks Pod Save the Queen The Life of Dating Some Good Times Weird Al – You’re Pitful Web: TristanPipo.comE-Mail Tristan@TristanPipo.comVoiceMail: (206) 973-7886 Thanks for Listening Stay Tuned for More Podcasts and Come Check me Out on Podshow+ and […]

The other day my laptop bag took a turn for death. I have found a new bag that I like. Thought I would poll this of the women in the world. eBags Firewall Laptop Brief I like the Orange, Charcoal, Black, Red or Blue. Hit me up let me know. Most Votes is the one […]