October 2006

Thought I would take the time to reveal and review. So lets start with the most recent and work backwards. Sunday – Me and the SoThisIsRock.com guys have been working on Podcast after Podcast and have so many in the works that it’s pretty cool. They are 15-20 min shows and we focus mainly on […]

Well the update happened 3 times over the weekend resulting in errors everytime. From missing files to. Database issues so currently we are back on the regular webserver as before. Funny how I mentioned this and they gave me 5GB of Space and 50GB of Traffic. Which is nice and all but this downtime and […]

Good Day Everybody! It’s Friday! If you didn’t get the Text Message I sent out “Friday Thought- I had a dream last night I was a muffler. I woke up exhausted.” Get It? Anyways. I am taking the site down tomorrow and putting up a lovely blue page I created to basically be a placeholder […]

Hello Everyone. Time for a new beginning. Currently I am in the process of moving everything over to a new web host. So here is the Why. Why: I currently have 1GB of web space that is near capacity at 962MB and with my podcasting habit I would run out of space after my next […]

Sorry about the site being down everyone. The webserver had crashed and lost everything. We are back online and working again. So updates are coming when I have a few moments.

Thought I would try to pay some bills. But I recently just got a Video iPod and wanted to get some TV shows for my viewing pleasure on the plane and I got a new episode of CSI and then my friend told me about Heroes. I started to watch the first episode and got […]

So thought I would just float this idea before we record the Podcast Media Expo Roundup Podcast. People tend to ask what is a Podcast and basically it’s a way to distrubute content over the internet using a syndication feed like RSS which stands for Really Simple Syndication. That you can play back on computers, […]

Last Night I get an e-mail from my future webhost that I have been working on migrating everything over to. My Current webhost FuturePoint.com I have been a loyal customer with for 4 years now and been happy with the service and support I have been getting. Since I got into podcasting I have found […]