February 2007

http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1741589 I caught this on boing boing.  Now I must say this was totally hilarious. I still have no clue what Boston was thinking. OH NOES! Blinking Lights! SAVE US SAVE US! There is a restaurant across the street from work it has a blinking sign in the window. SAVE ME! I am going to […]

Where did the weekend go? Well of course I am going to tell the world about the weekend. Due to a bit of a technical most of my site didn’t load. It was brought to my attention on Friday though I thought it was just a fluke so I thought nothing of it. Then more […]

I have had multiple people confirm that there is some sort of error when trying to load my page. I have heard back from one person that it is in Internet Explorer. Can someone please send me a screenshot of the error so I can begin to see about a fix. I run Mac OS […]

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Napolean_complex Well yeah a guy at work put this up on Wikipedia today. Thought I would grab a picture of this before I edit it and take it down. I wish I could be short and have a complex. 😉

I snapped this photo from the crappy cell phone camera just to show how crappy it really is. =p But this was on a pillar that stands about 5 ft tall between the Seattle Aquarium and Pier 66. I was walking by saw this. Stopped turned around and snapped a picture. Now it’s crappy and […]

It’s Friday. I had an old friend that asked for my website address. I was like TristanPipo.com I have told her multiple times. She said “It’s so easy to forget” Now maybe I give the world to much credit. My e-mail is tristan@tristanpipo.com I figured that is pretty easy to remember. I like things to […]

It is so much easier to write when I just shoot off an e-mail to an editor and they take care of the rest. With this site I don’t have that luxury I get Jon and the various other experts to make note of my errors. I do appreciate it and try to correct as […]

So this weekend was fairly chill I really didn’t accomplish much. Which is well very nice. I finally decided that 3 years with the same glasses is just way to long. So I went to find an eye doctor that takes care of my insurance. I found one that is open on weekends and the […]

So Saturday what happened last Saturday. Well I went to sign for a new apartment but after we found out some more details that kinda fell through so I had to deal with a hassel with the bank to cancel some checks and $15 to stop a check and then had to put my account […]