Well I have had this album on preorder for a while now. The new Tenacious D. The Pick of Destiny. I must say it’s a rather catchy tune. I just want to go around screaming “It’s a Pick of Destiny” I should record myself saying that. You get the CD Covers and a video with […]

I am having an issue getting the wget function to work with OS X 10.4 (Tiger). I use wget to grab files of webservers it was rather nice to be able to use it to move from one webserver to another but the OS X does not have any built in wget software built in. […]

So this is something I would have to say to myself. I was speaking with Jennifer#1 on the phone this evening and she mentioned that the comment system was not working. So I was trying to figure out why. It worked with my old webhost and then I got to thinking. No hidden files were […]

Hello Everyone. Time for a new beginning. Currently I am in the process of moving everything over to a new web host. So here is the Why. Why: I currently have 1GB of web space that is near capacity at 962MB and with my podcasting habit I would run out of space after my next […]

Thought I would try to pay some bills. But I recently just got a Video iPod and wanted to get some TV shows for my viewing pleasure on the plane and I got a new episode of CSI and then my friend told me about Heroes. I started to watch the first episode and got […]

So thought I would just float this idea before we record the Podcast Media Expo Roundup Podcast. People tend to ask what is a Podcast and basically it’s a way to distrubute content over the internet using a syndication feed like RSS which stands for Really Simple Syndication. That you can play back on computers, […]

I went to complete a sync with my laptop and somehow it deleted everything with iSync 2.0 now I am trying to rebuild 147 contacts that my phone removed! *cry* so if you could please send me your contact information. Phone, E-Mail, Instant Message Screen Names, Address, I would greatly appreciate it. I have a […]

Today has been such a draining day I can’t figure it out. Like every issue I have had to deal with has been like dragging me down. It all started with Idiot Cell Phone Bus Rider. But on my lunch our I went and got one of the few things that really makes me happy […]

TFactorPodcast Show #9 This show I am joined by the Lady Christi. We are working on the editing at the moment with this new software that I was sexiest thing ever. Well maybe other then Christi 😉 anyways keep your feeds updated. /podcast/Podcast.xml for those hardcore or search for Tristan Pipo in iTunes. Coming Soon […]