Well I was doing a little laptop cleaning and I made a note a long time ago about Me and Mike started on a project to try and decode a female. Well as you can tell from the Podcasts and Blog reading we had no success and probably never will. But I never released the […]

Well not really but checking out the Google blog as a good SGBB I found this old article that I found rather funny. Chat + Email = Crazy Delicious If you are not up with the Google Talk World and a gMail user well you are so behind on the times. They have been testing […]

Well I have had an issue with uploading photos to the blog so I made a blog dedicated to images I want to post on the blog. So here we go. Yesterday I was on Skype and Sitting in Skype Me Mode and I got a message from the person with the profile you see […]

I like to think that people are my passion. But to be totally honest most people drive me insane. But most of it is because they don’t think before they act. But I have been under this personal challenge and been trying to get out and talk to 3 total strangers a week and just […]