Well I was checking the server log and found some unique ways to get to my site. On Google.Co.UkSize 16 Feet ShoesThat was a pretty interesting search. Not ranked #1 but in the top 10 =). On Yahoo I got this one.Imax ResolutionI wrote an e-mail to my engineer friend at IMAX trying to compare […]

I heard this site on the Daily Source Code a Podcast hosted by one of idols I guess Adam Curry I get a lot of IM’s saying “I don’t have an iPod how do I listen?” or “What is a podcast?” I haven’t found any real clear way to say this. My technical mind wants […]

Well not really but checking out the Google blog as a good SGBB I found this old article that I found rather funny. Chat + Email = Crazy Delicious If you are not up with the Google Talk World and a gMail user well you are so behind on the times. They have been testing […]

Okay the problem is Fixed iTunes should be updating with the updated feeds. I forgot how complicated doing things from Windows to a Red Hat Apache server were. Had to download PuTtY and then use vi to edit the .htaccess file because Windows will not edit a .htaccess file locally because the filename extension didn’t […]

I am testing this new blogging software since it offers some new features that Blogger has not put in yet. Like the default RSS feed instead of ATOM which many people are like huh? But it works on the level that I need. It also has catergories so lets say you only want to read […]