Well I thought it would be a good time to talk about this considering I just had a nice shave with that new Mach Fusion 5 Blade Razor. I must say a big difference over the Mach 3 Power Razor. But when I tend to shave I like to wash with the Gillette Facial Cleansing […]

Well here is show #7 flying solo with no copilot. Enjoy the show. Feedback always welcome.Tristan@TristanPipo.comVoicemail(206) 973-7886 – Show #7 – A Movie and a DateWelcome to show #7 everybody! Time to get down and dirty. Intro Cinema Playground Test EliteStrangerSong Mailbag! Pacific Coast Hellway Thoughts EliteStrangerSong Outtro

I have been thinking if I ever plan to get a female co-host I have to learn how to talk to a woman. So here is basically the thought process I run through when talking to a woman. Now I am what they call a “Nice Guy” and as the saying goes “Nice Guys Finish […]

Well I was doing a little laptop cleaning and I made a note a long time ago about Me and Mike started on a project to try and decode a female. Well as you can tell from the Podcasts and Blog reading we had no success and probably never will. But I never released the […]

I am testing this new blogging software since it offers some new features that Blogger has not put in yet. Like the default RSS feed instead of ATOM which many people are like huh? But it works on the level that I need. It also has catergories so lets say you only want to read […]

I like to think that people are my passion. But to be totally honest most people drive me insane. But most of it is because they don’t think before they act. But I have been under this personal challenge and been trying to get out and talk to 3 total strangers a week and just […]