I have been going crazy. I updated all my podcasts because of this problem yesterday. Which involved a resubscribe and redownload. It took a great deal of time to download every episode of MacTV for the Video iPod. I lost all the episodes of Rocketboom just not cool. My visit to the apple support forums […]

Well I am working on adding some functions to this site that will just blow the world away. Well maybe not 😉 I will be having a shoutbox that uses AJAX technology and updates in realtime so if you type in a message and put it on the blog there will be no refresh required […]

Well I was checking the server log and found some unique ways to get to my site. On Google.Co.UkSize 16 Feet ShoesThat was a pretty interesting search. Not ranked #1 but in the top 10 =). On Yahoo I got this one.Imax ResolutionI wrote an e-mail to my engineer friend at IMAX trying to compare […]

I heard this site on the Daily Source Code a Podcast hosted by one of idols I guess Adam Curry I get a lot of IM’s saying “I don’t have an iPod how do I listen?” or “What is a podcast?” I haven’t found any real clear way to say this. My technical mind wants […]

Okay the problem is Fixed iTunes should be updating with the updated feeds. I forgot how complicated doing things from Windows to a Red Hat Apache server were. Had to download PuTtY and then use vi to edit the .htaccess file because Windows will not edit a .htaccess file locally because the filename extension didn’t […]

I got an e-mail saying the iTunes hasn’t updated. Well I found that it was an issue with Apache and the *.m4a format. So I sent in a support ticket and you should expect your iTunes to be updates as soon as the fix is implemented. Alright Peace Out!