I like to think that people are my passion. But to be totally honest most people drive me insane. But most of it is because they don’t think before they act. But I have been under this personal challenge and been trying to get out and talk to 3 total strangers a week and just figure out what drives them. I think everyone has a voice and everyone wants to use it. They are just not sure how or seem to think that nobody will give them 10 minutes of their time to actually listen to someone.

We are always in a hurry to get there or go do this or entertain ourselves in some way. Here is an example I was walking into a Quizno’s Sandwich Place a week ago and there was this girl making sandwiches it was my turn in and line and she asked “What can I get for you?” Nothing new here but you just had to look at this young woman’s face and you could tell something was bothering her. So being curious and hoping to brighten her day a bit I responded with “Before we get to what I want how are you doing today?” I got back “Thanks for asking my day has been rather stressful just mean customers all day” which got me to thinking are we that busy in life we can’t have an extra 2-3 mins to wait for a sandwich? This girl was having a shitty day but nobody seemed to care my 5 minutes of interaction led to her being in a better mood and I got 10% of my sandwich for helping her have a better day.

But people always hold things back in total fear of being hated for what they want to say. Or dress things up with metaphors to try to say what they want but confuse the person and messages become unclear and then problems occur. If something bothers you and it’s how you feel say it. If something bothers me I come on here to talk about it or I podcast or I find someone who is willing to listen.

But I think everyone should make some time to listen to someone and say what’s on their mind. Honesty in general is the best policy because a lie will always come around to bite you in the ass later. I guess I just want to say. If your out today make someone smile it doesn’t take much. A laugh is always good.

Happy Monday Everyone. Lets hope this week brings something new. Other then Episode 2 Show #5 to your Hard Drives, iPods, CD’s, Ears. Which should be out by tomorrow afternoon. =)

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