February 2006

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All the podcasts so far on CD’s big thanks to the KGB Mafia Man

ABC News: Actor Don Knotts Dies at 81 I was checking out bloglines and Fark had this. Sad day in the world. I remember the first time I saw hiim in the Incredible Mr. Limpet. I say Goodnight Mr. Furley and sorry you didn’t get to use your 1 bullet.

Had to switch to the default theme while we workout some bugs I really like the idea of this audio player builtin to the blog. Pretty cool little features going on. It doesn’t work with the theme I had before. Probably because it was not 2.0.1 enhanced. So I will see what I can do […]

Well I thought it would be a good time to talk about this considering I just had a nice shave with that new Mach Fusion 5 Blade Razor. I must say a big difference over the Mach 3 Power Razor. But when I tend to shave I like to wash with the Gillette Facial Cleansing […]

Well I am working on adding some functions to this site that will just blow the world away. Well maybe not 😉 I will be having a shoutbox that uses AJAX technology and updates in realtime so if you type in a message and put it on the blog there will be no refresh required […]

Well here is show #7 flying solo with no copilot. Enjoy the show. Feedback always welcome.Tristan@TristanPipo.comVoicemail(206) 973-7886 TristanPipo.com – Show #7 – A Movie and a DateWelcome to show #7 everybody! Time to get down and dirty. Intro Cinema Playground Test EliteStrangerSong Mailbag! Pacific Coast Hellway Thoughts EliteStrangerSong Outtro

I have been thinking if I ever plan to get a female co-host I have to learn how to talk to a woman. So here is basically the thought process I run through when talking to a woman. Now I am what they call a “Nice Guy” and as the saying goes “Nice Guys Finish […]