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Metrosexual Moment

Well I thought it would be a good time to talk about this considering I just had a nice shave with that new Mach Fusion 5 Blade Razor. I must say a big difference over the Mach 3 Power Razor. But when I tend to shave I like to wash with the Gillette Facial Cleansing Scrub. Then rinse the face with hot water. I am told it opens up the pores in your face and raises the hair up for an easier shave. I like the standard razor over those electric ones. So then I stick the shaving gel in hot water and then apply with hands to my face. I have found that shorter strokes with the razor offers a closer shave. I prefer not to shave in the shower because you tend to miss some spots and I always feel rushed I would prefer to take the time and do it correctly. I tend to go against the grain since it offers a close shave. Then with the grain to get the missed spots it seems to work for me.

The problem with most men’s shaving cream is they tend to dry your face out. So the key thing to do is moisturize your face after you shave. May sound totally stupid but many many years down the road you will still have that smooth face. I tend to use the Gillette Complete Skin Care Facial SPF15 Moisturizer. Also never apply cologne to your face since it will dry out your skin also.

But the whole reason I am writing this post is I am in need of an answer. I feel like I should go to a meeting and say “Hello my name is Tristan and I have dry skin” but that would tend to be a foolish thing to do and serve no real purpose. I would probably be beaten to death by an army of people who really do need help with their belts and worn down shoe soles. But I digress.

I have dry skin on my hands mostly. For some reason my left hand is a bit worse then others. I bought this one product at Bath and Body Works called “Look Ma New Hands with paraffin” it had a pleasant Citrus smell and would work for a period of time but would lose the effects and come back. Overall a waste of $20. So I thought well the cheaper stuff might have something. But walking into your local grocery store as a single male to buy a bottle of Jergen’s Ultra Healing you feel a bit awkward walking up to the checker buying a bottle of lotion. Because when you walk into Bath and Body works there is someone to help you to offer you the assitance you need for whatever moisture solution you require. At a grocery store I assume the checker will see me buying this bottle and think I have an alternate reason and having been a checker if I know them it could be a topic of a break room banter later in the day.

But that bottle works but you have to apply it 5 times a day it seems to get any result. I really don’t have time to worry about that and don’t want to be having a purse to hold lotion. Times like that I miss having a girlfriend. They never seem to have pockets but carry a bag around. Also nice for sneaking candy and beverages into movies. You wear a big coat and they know what you are doing. (chuckle)

So after all that typing my question is what lotion can you recommend that actually works for dry hands. My knowledge of this stuff is rather limited and something I could pickup with as little mockery as possible would be nice. Thanks in advanced.


Well I am working on adding some functions to this site that will just blow the world away. Well maybe not 😉 I will be having a shoutbox that uses AJAX technology and updates in realtime so if you type in a message and put it on the blog there will be no refresh required you will see your comment in realtime. Cool stuff.

I am trying to figure out a way to import all my old posts into the the wordpress blog. Anyways going to keep this blog technical until I launch it. – Show #7 – A Movie and a Date

Well here is show #7 flying solo with no copilot. Enjoy the show. Feedback always welcome.
(206) 973-7886 – Show #7 – A Movie and a Date
Welcome to show #7 everybody! Time to get down and dirty.

Talking to Woman

I have been thinking if I ever plan to get a female co-host I have to learn how to talk to a woman. So here is basically the thought process I run through when talking to a woman.

Now I am what they call a “Nice Guy” and as the saying goes “Nice Guys Finish Last” which I totally believe so I have really been working to not be the nice guy but be the “Great Guy” because the reason Nice Guys Finish last are a few things. Nice guys are desperate, needy, insecure, high in supply but low in demand. Nice guys just want a girl to like them while a great guy likes himself and wants to live his life and the woman should want to join you gentelman. Because if you always want to be part of her life she will get bored and you will be coming off as desperate and this will trickle down in her social network.

Another thing that I have needed to work on is something that the KGB Mafia Man’s wife pointed out to me. I met up with them at a coffee shop and I just sat down and started talking to the KGB Mafia Man and she asked me if I liked her or not. She is a great gal but I made no effort to make any contact of any kind with her. Which she pointed out it sends the signal I want nothing to do with her. But in reality I was thinking something else this is the communication problem I had. Normally I think eye contact with a woman comes off as me being “creepy” but that is the way I think and not the way a common woman thinks. They want us to listen. If we guys talk to much woman tend to get bored. If you have seen 40 year old Virgin where he goes into the book shop and just asks the woman questions the woman thinks you really want to hear what she is saying. Which you should but this is a problem I have. I talk to damn much mostly from being nervous but most woman don’t really give a shit about why the latest iPod is so cool. What cell phone I plan to buy or what was on Last Weeks episode of Top Gear. I get this newsletter and it suggested that to talk to a woman is go learn something about her world by picking up a copy of Cosmo or whatever girl magazine is at the shelf because you will learn something. It’s a pretty great resource actually you can grab a copy of these magazines and read what woman are interested in so you will have something to talk about when you approach a woman you will have something to say and she will have a thought about it. Great way to break the ice takes less then 1min.

Now just changing these few things isn’t something hard to do. But as this thing I have been really into it says to Be a man but think like a woman. Because we are two totally different creatures as I said before look at magazines guys magazines are all about physical thngs. Cars, Bikini Babes, Computers, Cell Phones, etc. But a typical woman’s magazines have an appeal to Women they talk about romance, relationships, grooming tips, etc. If you have a bit of knowledge about such a matter great way to get a conversation started.

I would love to do a Podcast with a female cohost getting their prespective on how they approach relationships and what they think of guys. We are both different, We both think each other is confusing. I think by taking a few minutes a day and just thinking about how the opposite sex would think instead of brushing it off as stupid. The communication gates would open up and life would be so much better.

Just a Thought.