New Blog Software!

I am testing this new blogging software since it offers some new features that Blogger has not put in yet. Like the default RSS feed instead of ATOM which many people are like huh? But it works on the level that I need. It also has catergories so lets say you only want to read about my Personal Life you can only see those posts. Or if you just want to see how my Love Life is doing you can view the sub topic of Romance off the Personal Topic.

I am currently working on getting all the links imported over so I can change that over it will also require users to register to comment. They system is currently setup like this.

Anyone can register. I have to approve your first comment to post and after that you are free to post freely without having the delay. If a certain user is causing problems I can ban that user and not have to deal with that person being a pain Also a new link system. I am excited to see where I can take this.

But Anyways. For the time being the blog posts are going to be exactly the same on each blog. Just for testing purposes every blog I write will appear on both sites. Until I can make a decesion. Anyways Happy Blogging.

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