GMail + Google Talk = Crazy

Well not really but checking out the Google blog as a good SGBB I found this old article that I found rather funny.

Chat + Email = Crazy Delicious

If you are not up with the Google Talk World and a gMail user well you are so behind on the times. They have been testing a new feature where you can actually use Google Talk within gMail. It’s limited in who is testing this. I have been a gMail user since back in the day when you could actually sell a gMail invite for $20+ (Good Times).

I tend to rely on gMail and for my e-mail and calendar software. Skype is my main IM client with Google Talk and then AIM. Then we have the people on MSN Messanger and Yahoo. I can’t say I am a fan of either Yahoo or MSN but people like them. I love Skype I can just hop on have a voice chat with someone and be on my way. Call someone.

Which reminds me for those who don’t like to dial in the cell phone to call the voicemail you can leave me a Skype Voicemail my account is on the right hand side there in blue. But my account name is Tristan.Mac so if you would like to leave a voicemail for the Podcast feel free.

But I get off topic so easily. I should really limit my computer knowledge to something small. I just thought this was clever that an offical company blog had this as a closing remark.

“Now that it’s launching, we’re going to quit working Sundays. Maybe even throw back a few Mr. Pibbs and celebrate with Red Vines.”

Making Reference to SNL Lazy Sunday also for your downloading pleasure in the iTunes Music Store for your Video iPod.

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