March 2006

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Placing development on hold until I can design a new template. Check out my current blog for all status Registration is still open going for an updated theme. Check back in April on this site.

I have been working on the catergory problem and started to file the archives and working on new catergories and getting that going. There is a lot to edit and move and create. I also got the idea for a FAQ page you may post your questions there and I will answer them as necessary […]

Well I have imported everything as of the last blog post to the new blog. Took a good 2hrs to move everything over to the new site. All the comments, blog posts are all still available. Most of the mobile cell phone pictures did not make it though. We have 10 registered users on the […]

Well now the import was awesome it went much better then I had planned the only major problem was the lack of catergories. The new search function is rather nice. I am interested to see how big the database is now. 😉 But anyways things are progressing as smoothly as can be expected. The older […]

Well with this new e-mail tax that has come about from this group that basically has a say in Yahoo, AOL, Google, Hotmail have this new way to get rid of Spam. This is how it works. You basically have to be on a whitelist to be able to send e-mail to anyone with an […]

Now I am being told that the e-mail registrations have not been getting to you. If this is the case please shoot me an e-mail or and tell me your account name and I will manually reset your password then you can change it to whatever you like. I will not be able […]

Well you know when it’s been a while when you have to login to Blogger again. It’s almost like gMail that way. Vacation is over back to work. I must be honest I am not really happy about it. As I have come to realize I need to change my life. So with a new […]

Suprising Truth about Ugly Websites Now most people that know me will get tired of me bashing mySpace which I do frequently. If you read my page you will find that I have a link saved for a network admin to block myspace from the company networks. But those gripes aside this link has […]

Okay I have found the theme that will now be all over the site. I also found a way to import all my old Blogger Posts into this site. Though I have been a little afraid to try it at the moment. So with that here is what the new rule for comments. 1. You […]