Some Updates (Tech and Otherwise)

I have been working on the catergory problem and started to file the archives and working on new catergories and getting that going. There is a lot to edit and move and create.

I also got the idea for a FAQ page you may post your questions there and I will answer them as necessary

I also wanted to figure out why the e-mail registrations have not been going out so I have been looking into my webservers e-mail issue. It could be an issue with sendmail or it could be PHP’s mail() function which is not something I have much experience with so been looking into getting that problem resolved which so far is the only major one holding me back.

Or I could just open the comment system but as we saw on the current blog Dave decided to show how much of a moron he is and that is basically why I can do away with him. I got an e-mail from him saying how he liked the new site. I thought it was funny how he was trying to phish to see if I read it or not. Have to love the simplicity of the old text based e-mail clients.

If a currently registered user would like to offer some help with filing the past 600+ posts let me know I would be down for some temporary access permissions for ya.

But as I continue on the journey of a new blog, layout, software we cannot forget about the laptop. It is on my desk hooked up and waiting for it’s new piece of hardware to cheer it up. I was also selected to be in the upcoming Ubercaster Podcast Creation Software Beta Test. It’s like a mac podcasters wet dream. Speaking of the podcast (clicks the podcast catergory). The creation station as the laptop has been dubbed needs it’s life back. But I have been enjoying the liberation. I have most of the tools on Windows that I was used to on the Mac. But just doesn’t feel the same and I really miss the Mac for managing my life. But the web has become the portal for that with the various links on my site. What has the PC user done to me. I was actually reading mySpace and searching for people. What the hell is wrong with me.

But is my Myspace Page Tristan’s MySpace Page actually anything decent? I did change the layout. I put a picture or two on there. The blog on that site makes reference to my Podcast and only that. I have the cliche survey on there. But is it appealing can it inspire someone to say Hello?

I wonder what about my blog does but myspace does not. Probably because myspace has a different group of users it is not really an attractive site to power users like myself but has that dumbed down feel that attracts the rest of the world. Most serious computer people have a small amount of friends on the site. I currently have 99 if I recall which is at the point I can’t really tell who has deleted me or not. Like someone deleted me from their list and my top 8 was off.

I was supposed to go to the gym today but that was canned. Had a couple sausage patties and a nice vanilla protien shake for breakfast and since my cell didn’t ring between 10-11 I went for a nice little walk around the area nice to get some “Fresh Air”. Get some heart rate up.

The Move!

Well I have imported everything as of the last blog post to the new blog. Took a good 2hrs to move everything over to the new site. All the comments, blog posts are all still available. Most of the mobile cell phone pictures did not make it though.

We have 10 registered users on the new site so far. I was told the setup e-mails were not getting out so I have been manually resetting passwords and e-mailing the users. I will keep this blog up and running at least for a little while past the deadline and then I will setup a redirect to the new site which should be a bit easier for people to remember.

If you subscribe to the feedburner feed that will be updated and you will not notice a difference. If you subscribe to the ATOM feed of this site well um it will not be updated as regular.

I got an e-mail asking about the links on the new page. Well I decided to be fair that no blog I link to will get any priority of order. So everytime you refresh the page the links will appear in a random order. Though perhaps if a blogger would like to submit a donation I can give them priority in the list ;-).

I got an e-mail from someone that shall remain nameless at this time. “Dude you said a while ago you were going to get Junniper on for a phone call” Well umm I think in the past months I have maybe called her 5 or 6 times resulting in voicemails everytime. Or maybe you meant the SceneIt Challenge. The brain is ready and willing maybe I should just venture down to Portland ring her and say “I will bring you down to chinatown” and be like What MOVIE! People like to be kept on their toes. Also come to think of it haven’t got munch on the e-mail front from people recently. Comments have been down. Odd… Registration Page

When you sign up I will manually e-mail you your reset password to change it at your leisure.

There are still a few more things I have to test before I launch. So things are making steady progress. Laptop is still dead till I get a new hard drive.

Also I got a e-mail saying that the magazine I was in is finally on the shelves. You can pick one up for the nice cheap price of $25. Speaking of that I need to call Amy get my copy from her back. She was going to be the first female cohost I sent her the articles for the topics and they were each about 1 page long. She has had many weeks to ready 6 pages and everytime I see she says she is “Working On It” So the female cohost again is on hold. I could swear there is something in the water up here or maybe just the west coast that makes woman flaky. Oh well another podcast topic for another time.

Also if Jennifer from Bothell comes across this site all I have to say is What the hell was that all about?

I thought I would finish one thought I left out a while ago. When I was on vacation with Darin in town I knew we were planning on going out to Ellensburg to see Jolene. So I taled to Sarah said hey were coming out been over a year since we have hung out lets do that. So we get there and I call her she had already known I was going to be in town. I get a text message at 11:45 or 1am or something that read like this “Sorry wasn’t around my phone all day. GOing to bed. Goodnight” I saw this and passed my phone around the room. Jolene, Jason, Darin, Jered, That Nerd Dude, Some Other Chick. All came to the conclusion that was a bitchy thing to do and was not cool.

Now instead of playing it off as like whatever and being the “nice guy” I just wanted to say being that it was known I was in the area. Then you saying you wanted to hang out. But you not being around your phone all day. I say that is a lie and you were trying to find a “Nice Way” to back out. Which I believe is rather fucked up. I sat around and puzzled for the reason. But then got to thinking I will never know which tends to bother me. I would rather be told “Tristan I hate your fucking guts because you did ” or “Yeah you do and that really bugs me” SO I can take that experience learn from it and move on from my life.

But I digress. (That has been a frequent saying. It’s even rubbed off on a few people. Funny thing is I got it from someone else)

People seem to like when I get mad because it’s not a very common thing. I have been working on a honest piece of writing that is pretty much my life wrapped up into every little detail that I can recall.

The first few drafts of the intro I have sent out have recieved response like the following.

“Dude you are so passionate! I want more! You never show this side of yourself”
“Tristan you really come out of your shell on this one. Finish it soon”

Now I started this when I was really upset about a situation at work and I opened up iWork and started writing. Which took me down the road of other tangents and that 35 mins ferry ride I had written 9 pages. I really had only hit on two topics with that writing. Work and the corporate life of the world. And my first relationship with a Woman. Hopefully it gets finished. I have a backup and will being work when the laptop is repaired.

I also got to thinking. I should have walked her up to her door. Fuck I am an idiot.

Anyways. Rock on.


Well now the import was awesome it went much better then I had planned the only major problem was the lack of catergories. The new search function is rather nice. I am interested to see how big the database is now. 😉

But anyways things are progressing as smoothly as can be expected. The older archives They have an issue when blogger did not allow you to have a title by default. So they have a # for the title currently. I have hired a team of gnomes to get right to putting things in catergories and adding titles.

Slight Problem

Well with this new e-mail tax that has come about from this group that basically has a say in Yahoo, AOL, Google, Hotmail have this new way to get rid of Spam. This is how it works. You basically have to be on a whitelist to be able to send e-mail to anyone with an account on these services. To be on the whitelist you have to fork out a decent amount of cash. That ranges from $500-$80,000. Now most people I know do not have the luxury of a personal webserver with their own e-mail they rely on the above services.

So this has caused a problem with new user registrations not getting back to the users for the new website. So this is what I will be doing to make my life a little easier. The users that have registered so far probably have not recieved an e-mail with their password yet.

If this is your case please send me an e-mail or with your username and I will reset your password. Or you can make a comment on this blog post and I will reset your password. Then I will send you an e-mail if available. So you can setup your account.

Sorry about the trouble. I am looking into a fix for this.


Now I am being told that the e-mail registrations have not been getting to you. If this is the case please shoot me an e-mail or and tell me your account name and I will manually reset your password then you can change it to whatever you like.

I will not be able to see your password once you change it. If this is your issue then please let me know. Some of the Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL’s of the world have this new idea that if you want “your” e-mail to be delivered you have to pay them $1,000’s of dollars just to e-mail their users. It’s supposed to end spam but makes the little guys like me think WTF.


Post #629 – You Know It’s Been A While

Well you know when it’s been a while when you have to login to Blogger again. It’s almost like gMail that way.

Vacation is over back to work. I must be honest I am not really happy about it. As I have come to realize I need to change my life. So with a new life comes a new website and blog. Which is currently being tested and accepting new user registration over at so with a new site comes a few new rules.

1. You must register to comment.
2. You must have a valid e-mail address to register.
3. You are not allowed to comment until you have had 1 approved comment then you are not stuck waiting in moderation.

These rules are a necessary evil to keep certain evil people away. *cough* Dave *cough* And the rules apply. I will not be giving away your e-mail address or any personal info it only collects your e-mail address and most people would not care to have my mailing list to begin with.

So what am I going to do with my current blog? Well it will be imported into the new one and so will all the comments and every post I have ever made. So if you would like to hold onto this page well I will make the entire blog as of the last post on here available as a ZIP File download at your leisure when I move over to the new site.

Why the Move? Well mainly ease of use because it has a lot of features that I want and lets me take control of certain features of the blog that I haven’t had access to before. It will also have lots of cool features like audio players in the blog to play the podcasts and built in podcast functions. So when those get implemented I will be sure to let you know.

Hey Tristan How was your Vacation? Well I will go into that detail later a lot to talk about in that matter.

Well does this mean your laptop is in working order? Well no using my desktop and Windows *ugh* to write this blog. The new hard drive will be ordered this week. Going from an 80GB 5400 RPM HDD to a 100GB 7200RPM Hard Drive. But I have really been enjoying my computer liberated life. But want to get back to podcasting and as my brief experience in Windows again it’s not my ideal platform for audio editing.

So I will get to writing the vacation summary. Until then check out what the new site will look like at /test/ when the move is finished the new link for the blog and everything will just be So thoughts and input are appreciated.

So that’s a little update on my end. The female cohost for show #8 has been a flake so that idea right now is hacked. Falls under the typical woman of the area can’t commit to a decesion and is a flake. Then she wants me to fix her laptop. I no think so.

On a side note I found that the local symphony is doing PDQ Bach his stuff is awesome going to check that out. Probably by myself might ask that girl at the gym but we shall see if she is doing some workout on Thursday on my next visit to the gym.

P.S. A little visit to Ellensburg brought…. Ahh not worth finishing that sentence.

Ugly Websites

Suprising Truth about Ugly Websites

Now most people that know me will get tired of me bashing mySpace which I do frequently. If you read my page you will find that I have a link saved for a network admin to block myspace from the company networks. But those gripes aside this link has an interesting idea “Why are ugly websites so popular” I frequent Craigslist and IMDB and truly they are ugly sites. I mean look at Google there is really nothing there.

But what sells google is the simplicity and relevant searches. I don’t like mySpace because it lacks a lot of the things I like in a website. But for the casual internet surfer it works for them on that and every other level.

Setting up this page involved making a Dir on my site via SSH and then I uploaded all these files over FTP and then setup mySQL and created a database and setup permissions over SSH to my webserver. Now I tend to forget that most people out there in internet world don’t have a clue what any of that is and don’t really want to.

So when I bash some website for what it has or doesn’t have or what it doesn’t use to my liking the only person in my circle that understands is probably MikeE. Since we are cool like that.

What websites that are simple do it for you? Is my website to complex?

The Theme

Okay I have found the theme that will now be all over the site. I also found a way to import all my old Blogger Posts into this site. Though I have been a little afraid to try it at the moment.

So with that here is what the new rule for comments.

1. You must Register With the Site.
2. You must have a Valid e-mail address.
3. You have to have 1 approved comment in order to be able to comment freely.
I made the choice of not allowing just anyone to comment because there are certain people that bring a negative aspect to the site. *cough* Dave *cough*

So thank you for your cooperation. Registration only takes a minute.

Current Registration Link is on the lower right hand side of the page. Registration Page

Also the sooner you register the lower number you get. Thank You Mike and Jamie for registering early.