iTunes Problem

iTunes Bug

I have been going crazy. I updated all my podcasts because of this problem yesterday. Which involved a resubscribe and redownload. It took a great deal of time to download every episode of MacTV for the Video iPod. I lost all the episodes of Rocketboom just not cool. My visit to the apple support forums wasn’t as productive as I had hoped. I keep getting the connection refused error.

It is even refusing my link which tells me something is wrong in iTunes because the feed works just fine in Fireant and at BlogLines. Any way to fix this without having to resubscribe to every single Podcast and redownload them all?

The Current World

VIdeo You Must See

Well most of the time I try to avoid politics. I was looking for news for the next podcast and ran a search for video on and came across this. Now I find this to just put a smile on my face for being right on the money. But also a bit of disappointment for seeing what will be happening. I liked how it pointed out fascism and showing that you don’t have to be the extreme that hitler was to be a Fascist and it comes across in a great way.

It takes a lot to get me thinking or find a film that actually moves me. This did it right on both levels. I can’t really explain it. It’s not that long less then 5 mins. But makes me wonder about the future. The KGB Mafia Man’s paranoia of society seems justified after watching this video.

People always ask me where do I come up with this stuff. I never find it first but I tend to find things before they go to the mass. Like the christmas lights video it all started on Rocketboom then I posted a link to that and I don’t take credit for being first. Rocketboom was first that I am aware of.

One another negative note. I didn’t win the 257 million mega millions. I didn’t even get 1 number. I guess I will have to try for the 269 million on friday.

Total Gambiling Debt since age of 18 = $7