You are what you write…

You are What you Write

I found this article over at Digg and it brings up an interesting point that I have used before in my blogs. You are what you write. So with that being said and many social networking sites adopting the blog idea (ie. Blogger, Xanga, MySpace) could that come back to haunt you in the end? I could think of many occasions if I were a potential employer of doing a google search of the name of the person wanting to be hired. I have been thinking of this for a while and trying to turn google on my side by running my own website. If you run a search for my name you get My site and a few other things. Mostly Satellite Radio Forum Posts and MySpace.

So I see all these people with MySpace pages and think how can they represent themselves on the internet in that fashion. I look at most Women pages and think showing how drunk you are at a Party would not be good Kharma for your “friends” at work to see up on your profile the next day.

The example I posted above talked about how a very well known web designer went on a little drug adventure and something from his past came back to get him. With everyone going “public” does anyone ever really take the time to think about what could happen to them about it in the future.

┬áHave you checked to see what Google says about you? Now my name Tristan Pipo is fairly unique and I can’t picture many people having it. But lets say a name like John Smith how many people have that name?

Just a thought I had with a limited computer visit on Vacation.

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