Ugly Websites

Suprising Truth about Ugly Websites

Now most people that know me will get tired of me bashing mySpace which I do frequently. If you read my page you will find that I have a link saved for a network admin to block myspace from the company networks. But those gripes aside this link has an interesting idea “Why are ugly websites so popular” I frequent Craigslist and IMDB and truly they are ugly sites. I mean look at Google there is really nothing there.

But what sells google is the simplicity and relevant searches. I don’t like mySpace because it lacks a lot of the things I like in a website. But for the casual internet surfer it works for them on that and every other level.

Setting up this page involved making a Dir on my site via SSH and then I uploaded all these files over FTP and then setup mySQL and created a database and setup permissions over SSH to my webserver. Now I tend to forget that most people out there in internet world don’t have a clue what any of that is and don’t really want to.

So when I bash some website for what it has or doesn’t have or what it doesn’t use to my liking the only person in my circle that understands is probably MikeE. Since we are cool like that.

What websites that are simple do it for you? Is my website to complex?

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