Post #629 – You Know It’s Been A While

Well you know when it’s been a while when you have to login to Blogger again. It’s almost like gMail that way.

Vacation is over back to work. I must be honest I am not really happy about it. As I have come to realize I need to change my life. So with a new life comes a new website and blog. Which is currently being tested and accepting new user registration over at so with a new site comes a few new rules.

1. You must register to comment.
2. You must have a valid e-mail address to register.
3. You are not allowed to comment until you have had 1 approved comment then you are not stuck waiting in moderation.

These rules are a necessary evil to keep certain evil people away. *cough* Dave *cough* And the rules apply. I will not be giving away your e-mail address or any personal info it only collects your e-mail address and most people would not care to have my mailing list to begin with.

So what am I going to do with my current blog? Well it will be imported into the new one and so will all the comments and every post I have ever made. So if you would like to hold onto this page well I will make the entire blog as of the last post on here available as a ZIP File download at your leisure when I move over to the new site.

Why the Move? Well mainly ease of use because it has a lot of features that I want and lets me take control of certain features of the blog that I haven’t had access to before. It will also have lots of cool features like audio players in the blog to play the podcasts and built in podcast functions. So when those get implemented I will be sure to let you know.

Hey Tristan How was your Vacation? Well I will go into that detail later a lot to talk about in that matter.

Well does this mean your laptop is in working order? Well no using my desktop and Windows *ugh* to write this blog. The new hard drive will be ordered this week. Going from an 80GB 5400 RPM HDD to a 100GB 7200RPM Hard Drive. But I have really been enjoying my computer liberated life. But want to get back to podcasting and as my brief experience in Windows again it’s not my ideal platform for audio editing.

So I will get to writing the vacation summary. Until then check out what the new site will look like at /test/ when the move is finished the new link for the blog and everything will just be So thoughts and input are appreciated.

So that’s a little update on my end. The female cohost for show #8 has been a flake so that idea right now is hacked. Falls under the typical woman of the area can’t commit to a decesion and is a flake. Then she wants me to fix her laptop. I no think so.

On a side note I found that the local symphony is doing PDQ Bach his stuff is awesome going to check that out. Probably by myself might ask that girl at the gym but we shall see if she is doing some workout on Thursday on my next visit to the gym.

P.S. A little visit to Ellensburg brought…. Ahh not worth finishing that sentence.