Slight Problem

Well with this new e-mail tax that has come about from this group that basically has a say in Yahoo, AOL, Google, Hotmail have this new way to get rid of Spam. This is how it works. You basically have to be on a whitelist to be able to send e-mail to anyone with an account on these services. To be on the whitelist you have to fork out a decent amount of cash. That ranges from $500-$80,000. Now most people I know do not have the luxury of a personal webserver with their own e-mail they rely on the above services.

So this has caused a problem with new user registrations not getting back to the users for the new website. So this is what I will be doing to make my life a little easier. The users that have registered so far probably have not recieved an e-mail with their password yet.

If this is your case please send me an e-mail or with your username and I will reset your password. Or you can make a comment on this blog post and I will reset your password. Then I will send you an e-mail if available. So you can setup your account.

Sorry about the trouble. I am looking into a fix for this.

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