Some Updates (Tech and Otherwise)

I have been working on the catergory problem and started to file the archives and working on new catergories and getting that going. There is a lot to edit and move and create.

I also got the idea for a FAQ page you may post your questions there and I will answer them as necessary

I also wanted to figure out why the e-mail registrations have not been going out so I have been looking into my webservers e-mail issue. It could be an issue with sendmail or it could be PHP’s mail() function which is not something I have much experience with so been looking into getting that problem resolved which so far is the only major one holding me back.

Or I could just open the comment system but as we saw on the current blog Dave decided to show how much of a moron he is and that is basically why I can do away with him. I got an e-mail from him saying how he liked the new site. I thought it was funny how he was trying to phish to see if I read it or not. Have to love the simplicity of the old text based e-mail clients.

If a currently registered user would like to offer some help with filing the past 600+ posts let me know I would be down for some temporary access permissions for ya.

But as I continue on the journey of a new blog, layout, software we cannot forget about the laptop. It is on my desk hooked up and waiting for it’s new piece of hardware to cheer it up. I was also selected to be in the upcoming Ubercaster Podcast Creation Software Beta Test. It’s like a mac podcasters wet dream. Speaking of the podcast (clicks the podcast catergory). The creation station as the laptop has been dubbed needs it’s life back. But I have been enjoying the liberation. I have most of the tools on Windows that I was used to on the Mac. But just doesn’t feel the same and I really miss the Mac for managing my life. But the web has become the portal for that with the various links on my site. What has the PC user done to me. I was actually reading mySpace and searching for people. What the hell is wrong with me.

But is my Myspace Page Tristan’s MySpace Page actually anything decent? I did change the layout. I put a picture or two on there. The blog on that site makes reference to my Podcast and only that. I have the cliche survey on there. But is it appealing can it inspire someone to say Hello?

I wonder what about my blog does but myspace does not. Probably because myspace has a different group of users it is not really an attractive site to power users like myself but has that dumbed down feel that attracts the rest of the world. Most serious computer people have a small amount of friends on the site. I currently have 99 if I recall which is at the point I can’t really tell who has deleted me or not. Like someone deleted me from their list and my top 8 was off.

I was supposed to go to the gym today but that was canned. Had a couple sausage patties and a nice vanilla protien shake for breakfast and since my cell didn’t ring between 10-11 I went for a nice little walk around the area nice to get some “Fresh Air”. Get some heart rate up.

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