You are what you write…

You are What you Write

I found this article over at Digg and it brings up an interesting point that I have used before in my blogs. You are what you write. So with that being said and many social networking sites adopting the blog idea (ie. Blogger, Xanga, MySpace) could that come back to haunt you in the end? I could think of many occasions if I were a potential employer of doing a google search of the name of the person wanting to be hired. I have been thinking of this for a while and trying to turn google on my side by running my own website. If you run a search for my name you get My site and a few other things. Mostly Satellite Radio Forum Posts and MySpace.

So I see all these people with MySpace pages and think how can they represent themselves on the internet in that fashion. I look at most Women pages and think showing how drunk you are at a Party would not be good Kharma for your “friends” at work to see up on your profile the next day.

The example I posted above talked about how a very well known web designer went on a little drug adventure and something from his past came back to get him. With everyone going “public” does anyone ever really take the time to think about what could happen to them about it in the future.

┬áHave you checked to see what Google says about you? Now my name Tristan Pipo is fairly unique and I can’t picture many people having it. But lets say a name like John Smith how many people have that name?

Just a thought I had with a limited computer visit on Vacation.

More Features

In the ever progressing website that will be the portal to my life I am going to bring the focus more around to who I am. Where future employers or people that would like to take advantage of my skills and knowledge will be able to come.

I am discovering the power of WordPress and find that updating the software engine and all the plugins can be a bit difficult. But anyways back to vacation and this is basically my vacation project and will take over the main page after I complete everything. With the modular design of wordpress makes it easier to manage and create all the pages from one interface over some other tool like Frontpage or Dreamweaver.

Fixing Update

Well to get the files off my Hard Drive I have the Contacts and the Music Solution solved. The iPod has all my music and all my contacts. I just would like to have all my e-mails cause I am anal like that. Also some unreleased podcasts and iLife 06 are now lost that I have to recreate and redownload.

I found a guide to replace the HDD which appears that Apple doesn’t really want you in the laptop so I have to run out to SEARS and get some TORK screwdrivers. It’s like an octagon screw head. Very Bizarre. I think I am going to go with a larger HDD replace the 80GB with either 100GB or 120GB just to fill my need to save everything.

I was thinking these next few posts are going to be rather geeky normally a topic I try to avoid because most people are “huh” or just nod their head. But it’s my blog so you can go Fuck yourself if it’s not your cup of tea.

I got some Unbuntu CD’s in the mail. 1 Set for PC’s another for 64-Bit PC’s and another for Mac’s. I thought I would use the LIVE CD which is a CD that will load the OS on your computer but not touch the Hard Drive. I figured I could do this perhaps and then mount the HDD and use Linux to transfer the information from the old Hard Drive to a backup Network Share on another machine. So I would be using Linux on my Mac to transfer over the Network to my Windows machine.

I tried the LIVE CD on my Windows Box and it doesn’t mount the Hard Drive when you use the LIVE CD so I have to go digging through my Linux books. Good experience I guess for the RHCE to remember the command to mount the HDD since it is escaping me right now.

I thought I could backup my iPod to the Windows Box but it is formatted for MAC and have not had much luck on Google trying to figure out how to Mount a Mac Formatted iPod as a Removable Disk on Windows.

So now it’s just reading reviews and trying to pickout a HDD since I decided the $450 is not worth the Backup from and I could get a larger HDD for $135.

On a Side Note. Darin arrives on Friday and we will be all around WA making the rounds to see people. Also on March 13th My Cell Phone will be dead as we make the transfer from Sprint PCS to T-Mobile with the Number. Currently I have two cell phones right now. Since the largest complaint since I got the 8100 replaced with an 8100 from Insurance is “Dude we can’t hear you!” So I am in my car or in public shouting into my phone “What Time DO YOU WANT TO WORK OUT TONIGHT!” or “IT’S THE 9:30 SHOWING OF 16 BLOCKS!” which I am just getting tired of doing.

Anyways if you would like to show your love for a new HDD for my Laptop I believe there is a Make a Donation Button near the top. Might be nice to get a mixer and some new Mic’s get some good Recordings Going. So until I get my problem resolved Podcasts are on Hold. Which sucks because show #8 with my new Co-Host was supposed to record this week. At least it’s Tax Return Time.

My Uncle sent me a clever little note that I should mention.
“Sorry to hear about your Mac taking a dump. Just thinking though… I always
thought it was a great machine… It was you bashing IBM at the diner table as I
recall… But just incase you don’t get your address book back I thought I would
drop you a line to get mine back. I don’t worry too much about what people think of
me using the big gates god products….. As far as I know… No one has ever accused
me of being smart.

Good luck with the hard drive Tristan. I bet you could fix it if you roll up your
sleeves and jump on in.


I have no problem against people that use the Mighty Gates Products. I just ask that they experience all that OS X has to offer before they commit to something they are used to. As they saying goes “Think Different”

A Post Out of Anger

Now it takes a lot to get me going. But when I hear a “grrrr” sound form my laptop my heart tends to stop beating. Then I can’t decide if I want to cry or punch someone in the face or whatever. So I did what every tech guy does try’s to recall from memory how to boot your Mac into the Emergency Diagnostic Mode. Which led me to the Manual that came with my laptop which in turn had me put in my restore CD and hold down the option key.

I decided Dinner was a better option while it ran this test but nobody had any sympathy to offer me. “Your the computer whiz you can fix it” I deal with other people’s computer problems daily. Most of the time they are simple fixes and I would love to present them with a RTFM sticker or a “You are an Idiot” sticker. Upon coming back to the test I find this wonderful little thing in the bottom right hand corner.

2STF/8/3:ATA-100 ata-6-Master

Upon research I have found this little page How To Solve The Problem

Which basically says a format and a clean install. Well truth be told I haven’t been up on my backups. I have most of the Podcasts backed up and my purchased music all but a few mostly the free songs that are garbage anyways. But all my text documents, e-mails, address book contacts are lost.

I did find this company
Currently my laptop has an 80GB 5400 RPM drive now to replace with that model is $245 I can get a 100GB for $295 now I have to decide if it is worth it to rebuild the address book from scratch. Most of my school work is backed up onto Pen Drives and onto gMail. Buddy Lists are hosted elsewhere the website is still up. The only major loss is time of having to redownload everything.

Now I am a bit content right now the question is do I attempt a HDD replacement myself and have to start installing everything the old way. I have done 4 laptop hard drive replacements in my lifetime. All on Windows Machines from my work at Best Buy. Some scary as hell. The scarriest was this fairly new SONY Laptop where I had to take the screen apart to get access to screws that held the keyboard in that was attached by a tiny tiny wire that I broke on accident that I had to resolder and pray to whatever higher being out there that it would work. I had an HP that just was involed 4 screws and a pat on the back. I have yet to Google how to take apart my powerbook. I think it will involve a trip to the speciality store get a special screwdriver.

I am sending off a Quote Request to those folks at Mac Service because they will just put the old HDD info on the new one. All I really want back is the Music, Address Book, E-Mails and iCal which I have been migrating (slowly) to but I feel like I lost a friend.

People bash me for being a Mac user. But I just point out their ignorance for being a Windows XP user and not having to deal with such software issues of Virus’s.

But WAIT! My address Book is on my iPOD! =) The miracle of thought. Recent as of 3/4/05. One less hassel to deal with later. Though me being scared shitless will still take it’s toll on the dry cleaner.

Now I am off to cry as I send off a request for a quote and look at my options and cry that I have to pay for service. Something that people normally pay me for because I really don’t want to take the risk but still would be good to learn.

Fucking Karma I shouldn’t have been negative yesterday. Which I wanted to do a podcast about which now I can’t so now I am bitching. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK.

Where is that post about getting laid to reduce stress?

iTunes Problem

iTunes Bug

I have been going crazy. I updated all my podcasts because of this problem yesterday. Which involved a resubscribe and redownload. It took a great deal of time to download every episode of MacTV for the Video iPod. I lost all the episodes of Rocketboom just not cool. My visit to the apple support forums wasn’t as productive as I had hoped. I keep getting the connection refused error.

It is even refusing my link which tells me something is wrong in iTunes because the feed works just fine in Fireant and at BlogLines. Any way to fix this without having to resubscribe to every single Podcast and redownload them all?