March 2006

You are What you Write I found this article over at Digg and it brings up an interesting point that I have used before in my blogs. You are what you write. So with that being said and many social networking sites adopting the blog idea (ie. Blogger, Xanga, MySpace) could that come back to […]

In the ever progressing website that will be the portal to my life I am going to bring the focus more around to who I am. Where future employers or people that would like to take advantage of my skills and knowledge will be able to come. I am discovering the power of WordPress and […]

Well it’s offical. I am on Vacation taking some time off from from thinking and blogging. If you need to reach me give me a call. Maybe I will post some pictures from the new cell phone for some mobile blogging. But anyways. Talk to Everyone in a Few Weeks. – Show #7.5 – The Interlude This is just a short little clip around 5 mins of my current thoughts on the laptop death and experience since it happened. I did miss the idea of not recording anything. So I used PC and Sound Forge and just recorded some thoughts I had been having. […]

Well to get the files off my Hard Drive I have the Contacts and the Music Solution solved. The iPod has all my music and all my contacts. I just would like to have all my e-mails cause I am anal like that. Also some unreleased podcasts and iLife 06 are now lost that I […]

Now it takes a lot to get me going. But when I hear a “grrrr” sound form my laptop my heart tends to stop beating. Then I can’t decide if I want to cry or punch someone in the face or whatever. So I did what every tech guy does try’s to recall from memory […]

Well I was going to make a gMail account for myself and setup a redirect but the name was already taken. So if you haven’t checked out what gMail was all about here is a link so you can sign up. gMail Invite #1 Back to Work!

I have been going crazy. I updated all my podcasts because of this problem yesterday. Which involved a resubscribe and redownload. It took a great deal of time to download every episode of MacTV for the Video iPod. I lost all the episodes of Rocketboom just not cool. My visit to the apple support forums […]