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VIdeo You Must See

Well most of the time I try to avoid politics. I was looking for news for the next podcast and ran a search for video on and came across this. Now I find this to just put a smile on my face for being right on the money. But also a bit of disappointment for seeing what will be happening. I liked how it pointed out fascism and showing that you don’t have to be the extreme that hitler was to be a Fascist and it comes across in a great way.

It takes a lot to get me thinking or find a film that actually moves me. This did it right on both levels. I can’t really explain it. It’s not that long less then 5 mins. But makes me wonder about the future. The KGB Mafia Man’s paranoia of society seems justified after watching this video.

People always ask me where do I come up with this stuff. I never find it first but I tend to find things before they go to the mass. Like the christmas lights video it all started on Rocketboom then I posted a link to that and I don’t take credit for being first. Rocketboom was first that I am aware of.

One another negative note. I didn’t win the 257 million mega millions. I didn’t even get 1 number. I guess I will have to try for the 269 million on friday.

Total Gambiling Debt since age of 18 = $7