May 2006

You are browsing the site archives for May 2006. Show Show #8 Podcast Co-hosting with Kanigah Ups And Downs of my new job New WordPress blog at Second life Gaming: Nintendo DS BrainAge New Super Mario Bros first impresions Music: 4 AM by American Heartbreak Mac Stuff: iMac Craving 13″ MacBooks Lush Products Movies: X-men The last stand Over the Hedge […]

While I edit this monster I have learned a few lessons. iChat and Garageband although easy caused a lot of crashes so me and my wonderful new cohost had to deal a lot with crashing so we would be talking and all of a sudden I would say. “NOT AGAIN DAMNIT” So I should have […]

Well I am taking a week off between jobs. I start my new Job May 30th at 9am and really looking forward to it. I left my job with a bit of flair I was in Violation of Dress Code by wearing jeans. My new job doesn’t care if I wear jeans or not. I […]

Well I thought I would share a tale of an event that happened for a pre-birthday celebration. It all started off when I heard I was going to have a visitor coming into town and being the optomistic person that I can be I went looking in my nightstand for a few rubbers. Well it […]

Okay I decided to move the page over today. So is now just that. So as I work on migrating how I blog to this site double postings will be made at both pages. The Test Page will be removed soon and a redirect will be setup so people will get the picture. That […]

Well I am testing a new interface have been busy writing new blogs over at my personal blog. and getting to know wordpress more everyday. So as I develop my online presence will be removing some aspects like MySpace but as I discover it’s the way people find you “where friends connect” since not […]