Unemployed – For a Bit

Well I am taking a week off between jobs. I start my new Job May 30th at 9am and really looking forward to it. I left my job with a bit of flair I was in Violation of Dress Code by wearing jeans. My new job doesn’t care if I wear jeans or not. I also went around and hung up two signs at the store that said.

“Your Not Paid to Think, A Mindless Worker is a Happy Worker, So Shutup and Do Your Job”

It had the Logo of the Company and a Finger pointing at the person reading it. I will find out what the reaction was from an inside source on Thursday. I was offered an open invitation to come back to work there if shit hits the fan so I guess that is good. It was amazing how many people enjoyed working with me I was getting all kinds of cards and hugs it was an interesting experience.

So as I enjoy my week off I will be recording a podcast. It will be show #8 of my show and #14 of my co-hosts. So look forward to iTunes being updated for you.

On a side note enjoy this video.

/file/SNL-Al-Gore-5-14.mov or aka If Al Gore Was President!

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