4th of July and 3rd

Well with this event coming up again. Jeff’s Party is coming up again!

Last year went to this party on the 3rd of July and I can’t seem to find the details if any that I posted about it. But our friend Jeff has a house on Mason Lake. And they have a fireworks show on the 3rd just so people can do whatever they want on the 4th. It’s all a ploy to bring in more money for everyone that works in the area. But last year some of the more memorable moments were Nick’s band jamming out to at least 1000+ people because that music goes all over the lake. More booze then I can recall. Seeing way to many men running around naked. But the craziest part was a beer run me and Ollie went on. We were given $385 to go buy some beer. Well everything was closed at that time except for a Wal-Mart that took us forever to find. We get two carts and just grab everything they have left on the shelves.

So we walk up to the cashier and she is like “Are you boys having fun tonight?” I responded with “Well if you come over we might” mutual chuckle as we handed over the money to pay off our bill. So we go out to the car and we have to figure out a way to navigate all this beer into a 1993 Honda Civic. With Ollie’s Stereo taking up the trunk that negates that space so we have it all inside the car with us. All we can think about is what will happen if we get pulled over for some reason. We have all this beer that we bought with other people’s money that might get taken. So we are extra careful not to speed or do anything crazy.

On the way back we get lost again. We go down all these roads and since the fireworks just ended we have tons of traffic everywhere. So we drive down this road and we pass a checkpoint with cops basically. So we are basically like “Holy Fuck” so we drive down trying to find a way to turn around but there are way to many cars. So we just become asses and do a 3 point turn and just let ourselves in the line. The cop checks to make sure if we are okay to drive and sees all the beer in the backseat. None of it open mind you looks at us funny tells us to have a good night. So we are thinking “How did we manage that? Better not press our luck” so we are trying to find the road were Jeff lives and we manage to find it.

We pull up and I grab like 4 cases of beer and so does Ollie but one of the cases he has have the bottles in it. Our friend Jeff who is excited for beer like most everyone is. Comes running up to us totally naked. Now being a guy and having a naked guy run up to you can tend to freak you out. He is trying to grab a case of beer and we are trying to avoid being touched or hit with his equipment the top case of Henry’s falls down and breaks creating a wonderful foam mess of the fallen beer. Which caused us to say “Dude Jeff Man Chill Out Put that thing away we got it” so I am carrying my selection of beer to the deck and I have this girl coming up to me and saying “Where is my Mike’s Hard Lemonade?! I Gave you Money for Mikes Hard Lemonade! I need It! Where Is It?!” Now getting the 3rd degree from this girl who has what appears a poor taste in her beverage choice. Is annoying the crap out of me to get her beer. I responded “It’s the first run there is more to carry.” To which she flipped out “Why didn’t you bring it first? That is my money if you didn’t get it I expect to be paid back” now I was thinking this shouldn’t be a big issue but she was making it into one. Luckily at that moment some guy came and grabbed her ass which prompted her to get even more upset and throw that guys cell phone into the hot tub. Which caused some more drama for them. On that note they had a nice evening in a tent and there first child just came along from what I am told.

On the third trip to the car to get the beer which was the crappy Coors and Bud Light that everyone seems to enjoy prompted the running of another Naked Guy who was wearing what he called a “Skirt” which was actually some girls T-Shirt that he “borrowed” which prompted us to give him a lot of shit about it the next morning.

That was just the beer run portion of the party.

Another good memory was it was about 3am and things were finally starting to die down and chill out. Me, Ollie and Jason decided we wanted to go jump off the dock. So it is rather cold and we sneak into the park that is next to Jeff’s house which is now closed. So we go over there and we start running and jumping off the dock all a bit drunk. Ollie had a bottle of champagne that he was drinking all night long. But doing all this was sobering us up really fast as it seems because I had never swam drunk before and it was an intersting experience. But it’s just like after we had our fill of almost drowning ourselves over and over we were walking back to the party and it was a beautiful night and got me thinking. I am glad I have friends to do these kinds of things with. It was just like a really good time and had a blast at this party.

It will be happening again July 3rd from afternoon – pass out hit me up if you would like full details.

Holy Crap, It’s Monday!

Well Monday what a day. I never feel very rested on Monday and those first few hours are always rather sluggish when you getup at 4am every day.

So let’s talk about the weekend. Friday was good for a few beers and then went to class. (Ummm, Yeah Forget the Beer I said nothing). But anyways I graduate after the summer quarter and Friday is this class called Portfolio Development. Basically it’s a class in how to prepare you for the business world. Writing a Resume and so forth. So far it’s basically been getting to know yourself and what type of personality you are. Well I learned that a long while ago and have a resume and all that fun stuff. So basically it’s a waste of time and I crack jokes and so far seem to be on everyone’s good side.

So I make some phone calls after class and have a nice talk with a friend of mine that I haven’t seen in a while. Always good for those. I have changed my voicemail style when I call someone I just don’t the normal hey what’s up. I just show some positive vibe and just try to make them memorable. It’s increased my call back ratio at least 10x. Good Times.

So Friday Night seemed a bit too late to do anything so I just checked some e-mail and then crashed to some Red Dwarf Season 3 DVD. Got up tried to find a breakfast partner which turned out to be nil. So went by myself and went to hang at the local coffee digs and absorb some people watching time while watching the World Cup and enjoying some high quality drip coffee. I really don’t care about sports but for some reason the World Cup has been an interesting watch and I have really enjoyed it and found myself getting live updates while at work. So the rest of Saturday I just spent watching World Cup until 4pm I believe and then went over to my Aunt’s house for dinner and had a nice steak with my Grandpa and had my first Martini. Shaken Not Stirred.

My family is always trying to help me and I really appreciate it. Lately there focus has been on the conquest of asking me about a girlfriend. “How come you don’t have hundreds of women after you?” or “Will I ever see grand children” it’s not like I don’t date but I just think the girls that I surround myself with are just not into me in that way. I probably don’t do the greatest job of expressing my intentions to them. Basically I think that well they are friends and if they stay that way well then I am not really at a loss. But that thinking needs to change. Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained and I need to take more of a risk. When I take the risks and just be honest I either get told to “Fuck Off” (Cough Last Sunday Cough) or get a funny story about condoms. (Guilty Smile).

So after a phone call from Jon wanted to know if I would come out to sing some Karaoke (spelling?) with him and I was like why the hell not. So I busted out the trusty cell phone and started dialing everyone in the 21+ group. I left a lot of voicemails. The only person that showed up was Craig. Have to love Craig cool dude didn’t really hang out with him much in Junior and High School but now it’s pretty frequent. So we are at the palace of the Sian having some rice and General Tso’s and singing some tunes. My song list was.

Rolling Stones – Jump and Jack Flash
Weird Al – Amish Paradise
and a 3rd if I recall.

I was rather disappointed in the beer selection having only Miller, Bud Light and Coors. So I had some Miller I can’t say that I enjoy it much. Way to light for me and I like amber or a darker beer. A microbrew is always good. (mmmm Mac and Jack) not much of a Hard A person. A nice cold beer is always good. So that was fun got to meet some cool new people and a girl there caught my eye but she was a bit of an outsider Jon said she was single I was like alright well umm yeah. Some reason I just kinda didn’t really see anything happening. Also I need to “Choke Up” on the Mic a bit more according to Jon. I wasn’t heard to well. I should really think about doing some Frank Sinatra anyways.

So Sunday rolls around after being at the bar until 2am I roll out of bed at 8am. Get in the shower go meet up with the parents and get ready to my step dads family reunion in Auburn I didn’t want to drive so I hitched a ride with them. We met up with my step sister and her youngest daughter who would be my niece wants to ride with us so I got the company of an 8 year old girl in the backseat. Now little kids always seem to want to do everything with me. So made the long drive pass by much faster and full of laughs. I forgot the delights of the iSpy game and Alphabet Road Signs (lol). Rest stops involved piggy back rides and all that fun stuff. But when we get there it was like walking into a room of a family that was very separate and kind of odd. But it was good time no booze but plenty of lemonade and hot tea.

So all the kids at this joint wanted to just climb all over me. I think the presence of someone who is 6′3′’ and could handle like 7 kids before being taken down is just a magnet for kids saying “This guy is fun” so that was a good time in the billion degree heat. So we leave after a while and I call the Teresa as you may know her as the “Rock Climbing Chic” and invite her out to Nick’s Band Practice and to a shocker she actually comes out. I was like WoW a female in Kitsap wants to do something lol. But anyways go have a beer chill out with some BBQ and good tunes + earplugs.

That always wraps up at 10pm for noise issues. Then I drop her off and I head home to bed. To wake up drive to work and write this =).

Thanks for Reading. Feedback is always welcome via the Contact Form on the Right.

Nails In The Road


Me and Mike would like to present the new NailsInTheRoad.com. Nails in the Road started as an idea where I was outside of a McDonalds I was working at when I was 17 and joking about what would happen if my friend Mike who was driving to come pick me and my friend up would do if there were some nails in the road.

Later it came into an idea when me and a friend were playing with a digital camera that could do video and made a little test movie shoot that is now long lost in an archive somewhere. But it was a Nails In The Road Production. Later Mike liked the name and the idea and well now we are on the latest revision of the site which you can go find today. We have my Podcast, A Short a Week, Frank Cummingsworth. “As Pink as Possible” kinda crazy when people say that to me.

But anyways as we move along and get better at this artform of free web2.0 media may we present NailsInTheRoad.com for everyone to enjoy.

The Duck and the Pond and Myself

I was walking to work this morning and it’s usually a wonderful walk. I have the iPod ear buds jammed in my ear. Have The Daily Source Code or Pacific Coast Hellway playing in my ear pondering what is next in the podcast universe.
But everyday I pass this pond. It’s a man made fountain in two tiers were the water is always perfectly still but you can see that it’s always moving. But very calmly and sometimes I see people having a coffee or chatting on a cell phone never noticing this pond or just taking the time to look at it.
But this morning there was a duck in the pond. Doing it’s Duck shaking up the water disturbing the peace of what is normally just calm and relaxed. I start to think Damn Duck. But then I realize that it’s just a duck. A duck doesn’t know that it is a pond. It just understands that it’s water and he wanted to clean himself. He doesn’t question why or how this pond got there he was just using it for his own needs and not having a care in the world.
At a point I was like that duck has it all. No worries, No Bills, No Crazy Ducks to come yell at him for not quacking at a car. The duck is just being himself and doing it the best way he knows how. He knows that he is the only one that matters and I think more human’s could learn from our duck friend.
We worry about what everyone is thinking about us constantly. Seeking somebody’s approval. How can we ever expect to find that with someone else if we can’t even be honest to the #1 person and that is ourselves?
I must be honest I tried to seek approval from many people that were not worth my time. But they showed some interest and I tried really hard to get them to like me more so I could have a relationship with them. But I didn’t like myself when I was with them. That was my ultimate problem and since a few days ago and the shit that happened. I realized that I am who I am. You can’t change that. Your Hard Coded DNA makes you look the way you look, grow the way you grow and the second we are happy with that and understand that. I think the world will be on a nice path and on to a better place.

Blogs Of Note

Well recently Junnipers Blog went out of service she now has a new address and things appear to be up and running for her. You can find her blog on the links on the right hand side of the page. Since those are in a random order everytime not to play favorites I would suggest just reading for it and not blindly following the link since you might end up reading about Jon or someone else if I said it was 2nd from the Top of the Blogs Section.

But some of other blogs I have been giving a read are DailyGuilt.com we have a young woman who is trying to accomplish 101 things in 1001 days and you can check on her progress and see how she is doing. I admire a person who can do something like this. I find that sharing some time reading about her life will perhaps help me find something about my life that I have wanted to do or try and just do it.

She had a link on her blog to another blog I picked up Amandarin from a witty young woman who has something to say. This is what I love about bloggers we all have something to say and have an easy outlet to create content and communicate with the world. Since I moved to the main page traffic has gone up a great deal. Though it has dipped from the users that were going to SiriusDude.com so I sent out an e-mail yesterday to everyone in my gMail address book and said get with the times. But our orange related friend also turned me on to a project she is also taking part of. Phat Girls Running Adri and Amanda are training to run a marathon in Hawaii and looking for support for the National Aids training program. Pretty cool cause if you ask me. So doing my part by sending them some traffic.

This isn’t really a blog in the normal sense but Phatterism is by a graphic designer by a guy named Luis. Great site and very cool on the interactive side. I love this stuff I am not a fan of flashed sites but he does it in a really cool way.

But anyawys hope you will enjoy your Tuesday. Check something out, learn something and enjoy being who you are.

Doing What I Know How

Well recently over the weekend I was presented with a situation. Probably not in my best light but more on that later. Lets speak on recently.

I found myself becoming a very bitter person when it came towards the issue of the opposite sex. I found myself putting them down because I felt like they were constantly feeding me lines of bull-shit. Perhaps they were but that is not the issue. I found myself becoming increasingly alone and that was all my fault from a few bad apples causing me to feel that way. So as of recently I have been doing what I know how to clear the air and just show where I was standing.

I went around and spoke to every woman that I had a problem with and explained where I was and how I felt about it. And in a suprise turn of events we got a better understanding of each other and things just seem clear again. People want to hang out with me again. I could go into specifics but there were quite a few times I was a total fucking asshole and a piece of shit. But it wasn’t really clear to them why I was like that as it wasn’t clear to myself either.

It takes a strong person to admit fault and basically with no dignity apoligize and see what happens. But if I was not clear on what happened I would like to know and please tell me because it is the only way to figure out the problem and move on and grow from it.

So thanks to the people in my life that were kind enough to offer me a second chance. Look forward to the summer and just seeing what happens.

May Champagne + Ice Cream + Vodka be delicious and interesting.