Some Site Issues

Well I recieved some IM’s this morning from people not being able to access the site. The issue was with mySQL server that hosts my website. A script has been written so that if mySQL is down for 5+ mins the server will be restarted so any comments made during that time will be lost.

Another issue is the lack of blog postings well that has mainly to do with work. I have been working some long and crazy hours and my commute time is 2+ hrs depending on the weather, bus, ferry, etc. I have been working on producing my next podcast also and been rather busy. The Cell Phone is still up so if you are dying to know what is up with me I am always down for a conversation while on the bus, ferry or walking.

But starting next week time should be a bit more free as I get something steady in the works. I am always thinking when I walk down the street that would make a good blog post. I need a PDA or a SmartPhone or something to get all these thoughts into a digital form.

Hope everyone has been well. Anyways look forward to hearing from everyone. Also the Contact Form page has been updated. I was having issues with it sending the mail locally and not passing it on to the gMail for your domain. So that issue has been resolved from some celver techery.

Anyways back to work.

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