The Mentolution!

Well a few weeks ago I discovered via a web video that if you take Mentos and add a soda you get a rather interesting chemical reaction. This idea was spawned to me after I found a video where they took Rubidium and Cesium and added water. Which are alkaline metals and you get a rather interesting explosion. After sending an e-mail off to the colleges and other places that I thought could help on my male need to blow shit up I was left with nothing because I didn’t have the necessary permits. Which basically means Washington Sucks and I am not cool enough.

So that led onto Mento’s and Soda. I saw this video where people put Mento’s in a two liter and droped it and it took off like a rocket. So I made a visit to the local grocery store and got 8 2-Liter Diet Coke and 2 packages of Mento’s each with about 24-26 mentos per box. My first few attempts of getting the mentos into the soda failed. I could not drop the mentos in and get the lid on fast enough.

I discovered that if I put the mentos in the lid and then did a movement of drop in and twist it would get it on fast enough. I could get 4-5 mentos into the bottle this way. It would start fizzing and I would throw it up in the air and it would come down and smash. But I could not get the bottle to break open. I would do this over and over and it would never break.

So I went into work and discussed my findings with some co-workers and they were like that is a sweet idea. They came up with shooting it with a gun. That worked. Others thought if you get more mentos in there you will get more pressure. Well we tried that and you lose soda for mento room and it just doesn’t work as well.

So back to the drawing board. Well after some tinkering I thought if you would not put the cap on as tight you could get a nice reaction. Still the bottle was made way to well. So all I have right now is a cool way to waste soda and create a nice fountian.

I must say though it is totally worth the laugh and rather cheap entertainment. All you need are a few mentos and some soda.