Doing What I Know How

Well recently over the weekend I was presented with a situation. Probably not in my best light but more on that later. Lets speak on recently.

I found myself becoming a very bitter person when it came towards the issue of the opposite sex. I found myself putting them down because I felt like they were constantly feeding me lines of bull-shit. Perhaps they were but that is not the issue. I found myself becoming increasingly alone and that was all my fault from a few bad apples causing me to feel that way. So as of recently I have been doing what I know how to clear the air and just show where I was standing.

I went around and spoke to every woman that I had a problem with and explained where I was and how I felt about it. And in a suprise turn of events we got a better understanding of each other and things just seem clear again. People want to hang out with me again. I could go into specifics but there were quite a few times I was a total fucking asshole and a piece of shit. But it wasn’t really clear to them why I was like that as it wasn’t clear to myself either.

It takes a strong person to admit fault and basically with no dignity apoligize and see what happens. But if I was not clear on what happened I would like to know and please tell me because it is the only way to figure out the problem and move on and grow from it.

So thanks to the people in my life that were kind enough to offer me a second chance. Look forward to the summer and just seeing what happens.

May Champagne + Ice Cream + Vodka be delicious and interesting.

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