The Duck and the Pond and Myself

I was walking to work this morning and it’s usually a wonderful walk. I have the iPod ear buds jammed in my ear. Have The Daily Source Code or Pacific Coast Hellway playing in my ear pondering what is next in the podcast universe.
But everyday I pass this pond. It’s a man made fountain in two tiers were the water is always perfectly still but you can see that it’s always moving. But very calmly and sometimes I see people having a coffee or chatting on a cell phone never noticing this pond or just taking the time to look at it.
But this morning there was a duck in the pond. Doing it’s Duck shaking up the water disturbing the peace of what is normally just calm and relaxed. I start to think Damn Duck. But then I realize that it’s just a duck. A duck doesn’t know that it is a pond. It just understands that it’s water and he wanted to clean himself. He doesn’t question why or how this pond got there he was just using it for his own needs and not having a care in the world.
At a point I was like that duck has it all. No worries, No Bills, No Crazy Ducks to come yell at him for not quacking at a car. The duck is just being himself and doing it the best way he knows how. He knows that he is the only one that matters and I think more human’s could learn from our duck friend.
We worry about what everyone is thinking about us constantly. Seeking somebody’s approval. How can we ever expect to find that with someone else if we can’t even be honest to the #1 person and that is ourselves?
I must be honest I tried to seek approval from many people that were not worth my time. But they showed some interest and I tried really hard to get them to like me more so I could have a relationship with them. But I didn’t like myself when I was with them. That was my ultimate problem and since a few days ago and the shit that happened. I realized that I am who I am. You can’t change that. Your Hard Coded DNA makes you look the way you look, grow the way you grow and the second we are happy with that and understand that. I think the world will be on a nice path and on to a better place.

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