July 2006

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TFactorPodcast Show #9 This show I am joined by the Lady Christi. We are working on the editing at the moment with this new software that I was sexiest thing ever. Well maybe other then Christi 😉 anyways keep your feeds updated. /podcast/Podcast.xml for those hardcore or search for Tristan Pipo in iTunes. Coming Soon […]

I was sitting here for the last 10 mins of work pondering some things. Here are some random ponderings of the pondering man. How come we never use the word Satchel in Regular Conversation anymore? Does anyone ever consider that a backpack is like a Satchel? I saw an ad telling me to conserve power. […]

Mike just called me let me know about another video up on our project page NailsInTheRoad.com So please go enjoy El Paramo. It’s free! Go check it Out! Speaking of Nails in the Road if you have any ideas for Mr. Frank Cummingsworth please let us know we will get him contracted to do another […]

Well the sexiness has not appeared. Ubercaster is now in Public Beta! Let the podcasting begin for us OS X users. I was running some test last night over Skype with the Mike E. But I was running into an issue with my microphone not being heard but Skype was working great. This is Beta […]

Well this post was causing some issues so I blame YouTube.com But if you would like to check out one of the most memeorable bits from Season 7 of Red Dwarf the great BBC program I would suggest you check it out on YouTube Rimmer Song – Red Dwarf Season 7

Well it appears that I have fallen under a few new social networks. Well we have Facebook. Which is a site you have to be in school to join. Recently my company sent off an e-mail saying check out this new social network. Having heard of facebook and not having a school issued e-mail address […]

Well looks like someone was nice enough to give me a domain name of XMDude.com so it will make another round under my ownership until 2008. The Tale of Three Condoms post was really popular that it caused an online condom store to contact me for my address and will be sending me a 128 […]

I went out for some Chinese Food for dinner and got a Fortune Cookie tonight. It had this for my words of wisdom wrapped in a cookie. “You would do well in the field of computer technology” This is something I have known since I was 5. I guess this was just another omen to […]

Sanity will be arriving July 24th 2006! It will be beautiful! It will be Sexy! It will be probably the most useful device ever! And I was choosen to Test it Before the World! But things will be happening on Sunday also. Nothing nearly as cool though.