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TFactorPodcast Show #9

This show I am joined by the Lady Christi. We are working on the editing at the moment with this new software that I was sexiest thing ever. Well maybe other then Christi 😉 anyways keep your feeds updated.

/podcast/Podcast.xml for those hardcore or search for Tristan Pipo in iTunes.

Coming Soon to Headphones Near You. Show #9 comes in at about 34 mins. I must say that the male female dynamic is a great aspect. Working on getting the hang of it. But we are working on shows #10-12 Mike will be making a comback in #11 so it’s all in the works.


One Has Time to Ponder

I was sitting here for the last 10 mins of work pondering some things. Here are some random ponderings of the pondering man.

How come we never use the word Satchel in Regular Conversation anymore? Does anyone ever consider that a backpack is like a Satchel?

I saw an ad telling me to conserve power. I was thinking Why the Hell should I conserve power. I pay the power bill. I think that if  these energy company fucks cannot make an effort to meet demand for what we need the places we live should quit expanding. Why build more houses if you can’t make enough power to power them? I think they are just to fucking cheap to upgrade their systems to power more air conditioners. It’s global warming at it’s best. But we continue to get fucked over by energy companies and take it. Enron Mother Fuckers.

I was also pondering these morons who like to ban food that is not organic. Every food has been genetically altered in some way these days. It’s the only way they can grow more food. If we look at a 3rd world country that doesn’t have food to feed it’s people we see that they don’t have the technology to alter the food to be able to grow in different places and faster and tastier. But we get these Organic Food Wacko’s saying how it’s bad for us. Well I trust that the corn I eat is good and the bread I eat is decent enough that I don’t need to drop $3+ on a Fucking Loaf of bread or Pay $2 an ear for Organic Corn. Rather get my 4 for $1 and enjoy it then wondering how many bugs shit on it knowing that my river isn’t filled with toxins. They clean that also you know. Bah

I also ponder why ponder about this shit. But I like to question the world and try to have a better understanding of why that rock is a rock and why that rock is there.

On a Side Note. Fuck you Senator Ted Stevens and your Tubes. Morons like you make the debates for what the internet is even more confusing that I have people asking me if this is true. I think that you should have a decent understanding of the internet and technology before you get up in front of the world and make yourself look like a dumb shit to geeks like myself everywhere. Doesn’t help any more that your from Alaska.

If I had a list. Ted Stevens and Alaska are now on it. That would join the ranks of Wal-Mart, UPS, and Best Buy.

New Video Podcast Up!

Mike just called me let me know about another video up on our project page So please go enjoy El Paramo. It’s free! Go check it Out!

Speaking of Nails in the Road if you have any ideas for Mr. Frank Cummingsworth please let us know we will get him contracted to do another call. And Ubercaster is been a bundle of awesome. The T-Factor will make an apperance hopefully by the end of the week.

Nails In the Road baby!

The Sexy Day

Well the sexiness has not appeared. Ubercaster is now in Public Beta! Let the podcasting begin for us OS X users. I was running some test last night over Skype with the Mike E. But I was running into an issue with my microphone not being heard but Skype was working great. This is Beta software and so far impressed but getting this to work has been an issue and I am not thrilled about how the user on Skype cannot hear the Sound Effects. But I will be submitting my request to for features and fixes soon.

The sad part of my weekend was that my good friend my TI-89 Calculator has passed away. I got it in the 9th grade for an outragous $200 they are now down to about $120 or so and going to go pickup a new onen for my summer math class. That calculator was like the coolest shit ever. It predated cell phone text messaging. Writing Notes in the notepad and passing them back and forth in the Pre-Calc in 11th Grade. Trig was awesome. I remember the other people that had a TI-89 in my classes in high school were working on a theory of a hub to setup a multiplayer game of Tetris. Those were the days. People called us geeks then. But for some reason I think we are a bit more apprciated. We always mocked those with the TI-83. What you don’t have the solve() feature? That sucks to be you! Wait you don’t have the factor() feature? What a shame. I remember we would take notes with the text editor and have a leg up on those with the older calculators. I remember many nights up coding on my calculator just so I could run a program that would instant split screen to the Table and the Graph so I could input what the value I wanted for X to be and have all the possible variations. They have since changed the tool so you can program on a computer and upload to the calculator.

But anyways hope everyone had a good weekend. As I work out the kinks and bugs with Ubercaster me and Mike have a Podcast to do. Lots of cool news to talk about. The blogosphere and the podosphere will collide and we will have an explosion of sexiness all around the internet universe.

Social Networking

Well it appears that I have fallen under a few new social networks.

Well we have Facebook. Which is a site you have to be in school to join. Recently my company sent off an e-mail saying check out this new social network. Having heard of facebook and not having a school issued e-mail address to sign up I used my work e-mail and hey it worked. Mwa ha ha so I have been “connecting” with people that I had a “connection” with. Quotes are cool because I am not really connecting with them. Just creating a link to them on a site when I don’t have their phone # or e-mail to call them and pretend to be Samuel L Jackson and say “What Up! Mines the One that says Bad Mother Fucker” But I must say I like the fact you can’t make a crappy annoying profile. But you can find me by searching for Tristan Pipo.

I also have a Podshow+ account at so if you are a member you can find me there. The Podcast should be sucked into their network shortly.

Clerk 2 tomorrow 1:10pm see you there. Then Steve’s Going Away Party. Going to Miss the Steve Man. Always good for a Budweiser. Though I am not a fan. It was good making fun of your wimpy light beer.

But Tristan I like that kind of Beer. Why are you saying it’s Wimpy. Hey I am sorry that you like that wimpy beer. Perhaps one day when you actually start to have a bit of a taste for a decent beer you might actually enjoy something that effort is put into creating and meant to be enjoyed. Instead you prefer something that is generic that a company is just selling an image of drinking. I don’t see a commercial for Fat Tire and that wonderful Bike. Be a rebel don’t fall victim to the generic crap of Bud or Bud Light which = Bud + Water.

Interesting Updates

Well looks like someone was nice enough to give me a domain name of so it will make another round under my ownership until 2008.

The Tale of Three Condoms post was really popular that it caused an online condom store to contact me for my address and will be sending me a 128 pack of condoms. I guess I will be set for a while now. Or maybe a couple days at least. I think I could get at least one week out of them.

The podcast front excited to get back into that. Working on show #9 there is a lot of prep for this show. New Intro, New Segments working with my business partner NailsInTheRoad.

Got a phone call from a buddy of mind wanting to lend my voice to the creation of a New Spoken Audio CD he is producing.

I posted an ad on Craigslist I believe the Title was “In Search of a Voice” figured a lot more people read craigslist then my rantings here or MySpace Bulletin rather have a stranger then a friend anyday when it comes to this sorta thing. But have a lot of prospects. I have one currently at the top of the list after meeting all these lovely young women. I must say that I have much better luck posting in the Strictly Platonic Section meeting interesting people over any other section of that site. I have joined a Scrabble group we meet every other Wed and see who is the Scrabble Champion all walks of life great people. I have also met with a Juggiling group and we have met a few times. It’s kinda nice to get back into that swing. I haven’t juggled machetes in a while now. I wish I could find my torches (Or maybe I never had any) but anyways. Just a few little updates. Well a few that I am allowed to speak about.

This has been another output of Tristan (The T-Factor) Pipo. Talk to You Soon.

Fortune Cookie

I went out for some Chinese Food for dinner and got a Fortune Cookie tonight. It had this for my words of wisdom wrapped in a cookie.

“You would do well in the field of computer technology”

This is something I have known since I was 5. I guess this was just another omen to back up what I have always known.

Oh Baby!

Sanity will be arriving July 24th 2006! It will be beautiful! It will be Sexy! It will be probably the most useful device ever! And I was choosen to Test it Before the World!

But things will be happening on Sunday also. Nothing nearly as cool though.