Time Has Escaped Me

I started a new job at my job. It has really been taking all my time. Yesterway was so crazy I had forgot to take a lunch and I worked an extra hour. So I put in 10hrs yesterday. The day before was a little less hectic but still 9hrs. Monday was 9hrs also. Have to love the overtime but man. I need a nap. Beer Friday Tomorrow. Expect a Text Message if you Rock.

The tail of Drinking part 2 hasn’t been finished simply because I have been busy or just way tired. I have a little side note from last friday and making a visit to the bar for Katie’s 21st Birthday. Well all of last weekend is a story to tell. Okay Friday after work and beer friday at work I will write some blogs. I will bring the laptop and do some writing. I need to get back to it.

Looking at the Unix Console over Serial Cable using Hyperterminal and Tera Term Pro and the Piece of Shit Windows Command Prompt has been getting to me. I need my Mac back. I miss my Dock and Aqua and iTunes and Expose. SAVE ME FROM WINDOWS!

The unix isn’t so bad. Somewhat familiar with the terminal =p

Also looks like we are recording a Podcast this Sunday. Mix Master Tristan will be hosting the TFactor with my excellent Co-Host Lord and Duke of Apache in the land of SQL Mike!

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