Social Networking

Well it appears that I have fallen under a few new social networks.

Well we have Facebook. Which is a site you have to be in school to join. Recently my company sent off an e-mail saying check out this new social network. Having heard of facebook and not having a school issued e-mail address to sign up I used my work e-mail and hey it worked. Mwa ha ha so I have been “connecting” with people that I had a “connection” with. Quotes are cool because I am not really connecting with them. Just creating a link to them on a site when I don’t have their phone # or e-mail to call them and pretend to be Samuel L Jackson and say “What Up! Mines the One that says Bad Mother Fucker” But I must say I like the fact you can’t make a crappy annoying profile. But you can find me by searching for Tristan Pipo.

I also have a Podshow+ account at so if you are a member you can find me there. The Podcast should be sucked into their network shortly.

Clerk 2 tomorrow 1:10pm see you there. Then Steve’s Going Away Party. Going to Miss the Steve Man. Always good for a Budweiser. Though I am not a fan. It was good making fun of your wimpy light beer.

But Tristan I like that kind of Beer. Why are you saying it’s Wimpy. Hey I am sorry that you like that wimpy beer. Perhaps one day when you actually start to have a bit of a taste for a decent beer you might actually enjoy something that effort is put into creating and meant to be enjoyed. Instead you prefer something that is generic that a company is just selling an image of drinking. I don’t see a commercial for Fat Tire and that wonderful Bike. Be a rebel don’t fall victim to the generic crap of Bud or Bud Light which = Bud + Water.

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