July 2006

I started a new job at my job. It has really been taking all my time. Yesterway was so crazy I had forgot to take a lunch and I worked an extra hour. So I put in 10hrs yesterday. The day before was a little less hectic but still 9hrs. Monday was 9hrs also. Have […]

Well trying to resolve the Junniper Issue as I have called this new idea of the delay in posting comments. I had to work on some of the following code to also fix another issue I was having with creating a google site map system. The code in the file required to edit was as […]

Well I am trying to go through my archives and see if there are any stories that I like to tell a lot that never made it to the blogosphere. And I have yet to find the tale of my 21st birthday in the archives. So I thought I would tell that story since it […]

Thought I should mention this now. XMDude.com is up for renewal in 5 days. If you have that linked bookmarked please update your bookmarks to tristanpipo.com. 3rd of July Party is tonight if you would like directions hit up my e-mail before 6:30pm PST. Also the next post has been a huge work in progress. […]