August 2006

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Lets Start off with this article Hedgehogs Take Over the McCup So we are changing the leds to better accomadate a hedgehogs needs to not get stuck trying to get a tasty treat. What is the world coming to. I did a little tour at McDonalds during my High School career. I would have never […]

I am currently testing a few new upgrades to the site. I enabled a spam commenting system. To eliminate the spam comments you have been seeing on the blog. If you are unable to comment please send me a not via the contact form or I also enabled some Google Tracking Tools to analyze […]

Today has been such a draining day I can’t figure it out. Like every issue I have had to deal with has been like dragging me down. It all started with Idiot Cell Phone Bus Rider. But on my lunch our I went and got one of the few things that really makes me happy […]

3:57am – I woke up to embrace the world. Stumbled out of bed to go hop in the shower. I noticed it was a cold morning. I think why did I leave the fan on all night. Brrrr. 4:01am – Get in the shower and do the normal shower things. I feel the face a […]

In today’s world seems like kids really no longer get the chance to be kids anymore. I had to grow up rather fast when my parents split up when I was 10. Mom was working a lot and I had to get my sister up every morning and make sure she was ready for school […]

I thought I would make a list of the items I have at my desk. In No Particular Order Suave Men’s Hair Gel Labtec Desktop Speakers Nortel Networks Phone Backpack Stainless Steel Coffee Mug 6 Empty Bottles of Blue Bawls Tape Exacuator Canister of Pens Dry Erase Markers Dry Erase Board Phone Headset Cell Phone […]

I have been drinking a lot of this Talking Rain Sparkling Water we have at work. I like the Lime and the Tangerine flavors. But I look at the back of the bottle and it has 0% of everything no sugar, carbs, or sodium. But it has natural fruit extracts and oils. So thinking that […]

Well it’s time for a weekend update. Well lets get this clear I went camping. Which inspired a good deal of debate. So tonight I am meeting up with a few of my fellow campers and we shall be recording a podcast tonight. Going to make this another ubercaster test so probably have a few […]

I heard this song on a Podcast and Decided to take some editingand put it out here. So this brings around the thought do you fold or scrunch your toilet paper. Personally I am a folder. But I thought I would end this Friday with a catchy song and posting this thought out. Leave it […]

Well I must say that one of the most recent cool experiences I had was when I was looking for the offical rules of Ultimate Frisbee and in my search for a frisbee that could fly a bit further I came across the FlashFlight! We had our first test run in a field last night […]