Short News Day

Lets Start off with this article

Hedgehogs Take Over the McCup

So we are changing the leds to better accomadate a hedgehogs needs to not get stuck trying to get a tasty treat. What is the world coming to. I did a little tour at McDonalds during my High School career. I would have never thought this was an issue. But this little clip

“This is excellent, it is long overdue news,” said Fay Vass, chief executive of the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. “We have been in touch with McDonald’s about this problem for over five years and are delighted that they have at last solved the problem.”

FIVE YEARS?! British Hedgehog Preservation Society? There is a society for this hedgehog? What is so special about the British Hedgehog and how many are dying in a tragic ice cream cup getting stuck in? A search on Wikipedia does not reveal any specific British Hedgehog. But the European Hedgehog on average is 20cm in length. So McDonalds has to spend all this cash redoing a cup for a hedgehog and this makes news on Yahoo.

All I can say is what the hell and Fay Vass can go and fuck herself.

Man that was a bit angry. Speaking of angry yesterday was August 30th and lets turn to lovely Europe again for this news article.

August 30th Causes Most Arguments Between Couples 

So this day likes to say that because summer is ending couples get bitter and fight. Did you fight with your loved one yesterday? I don’t recall any situations in my past on the 30th of any August where this has spawned a fight. They blame this on summer ending and less daylight, money troubles (paying for expensive vacations I would assume), school starting up again.

Reading the article a bit down the most common things couples fight about are Money, and then Sex. They also blame this on the post holiday season depression. I have trouble being depressed even when life has totally shit on me I still keep an upbeat view after a nice vent. Someone always tells me at least you have legs. That is right I have legs so I can get around.

But if you had a fight with your loved one just feel good that it was a normal thing. And you are adding to the statistic of being typical. Maybe I should say shame on you. Rebel do something crazy today to make up for being normal! Me personally I will try and take over a small internet virtual nation.

ViVa Being Alive!

Just remember no matter how crazy you think your life is. Be thankful that hedgehogs will no longer drown in McDonalds Ice Cream


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I also enabled some Google Tracking Tools to analyze my site. So anyways thank you for stopping by.

Any suggestions are welcome.

One Thing That Makes Me Happy….

Today has been such a draining day I can’t figure it out. Like every issue I have had to deal with has been like dragging me down. It all started with Idiot Cell Phone Bus Rider. But on my lunch our I went and got one of the few things that really makes me happy and that is Subway.

My ultimate dream sub is a 12” Chicken Teriyaki on Italian Herb and Cheese Bread with Pepper Jack Cheese and Lettuce, Onions, Cucumbers, Green Pepppers, Peppercini’s (spelling?) and Jalapeno’s with Sweet Onion Sauce and a Little Mayo.

My second favorite sandwich is available only at Central Market and they call it the Turkey Cranberry. It is by far what I would imagine as one of the most delicious sandwiches in the world.

The 3rd comes in with a custom one that I make personally. Start off with some Wheat Bread the kind with some nuts in it. Toast that up with some Pepper Jack Cheese. Then get some Turkey and some Guacamole. Put that on the sandwich. Add some Miracle Whip on the side that the Guac is not touching. A little pepper and we are golden for sandwich consumption.

I was reading a blog post about the Top Ten Reasons Geeks Make good friends. It says “They Love your Cooking” I must say that everytime a woman has cooked a meal for me that wasn’t a parent or family I have always felt totally content. A girl made me a bologna sandwich one time. Not my favorite but I really appreciated the thought and effort that was put into that sandwich. The last time this happened was when I had just moved back to WA from Indiana. My friend Ollie was putting on some techno DJ party. So we went out to this ex girlfriend of Preston’s her name was Salena. We were chatting and the flyers for the party were being printed in Portland, OR. We had expected them to be shipped and arrived that day. But no the guy didn’t ship them. So we had to drive down to Portland to get them.

Salena felt bad and made us both lunches. For some reason with that it was one of the best sandwiches I had ever had because of the thought and effort that went into it. I wish I could have done more for her. Oh well.

We got a random posted named suzie asking what I look for in a woman.

Hmmm. I try to answer all questions that will involve some thought. Having been single for coming up on 3 years now (WoW) and dated all kinds of women I will have to seriously think this one out.

On a sad note it looks like my iPod is slowly dying. I was hoping to wait until the next generation video iPod to replace this one. The one where the whole iPod is rumored to be a screen. But alas that U2 iPod is also looking rather nice. $299 with student discount. Be nice to upgrade to something with a color screen. My 20GB 4G iPod is nearly full. I think I have .4GB of free space left. Which could easily be 1 day of Podcasts. Or perhaps the 60GB iPod Video. Ugh Apple release a new iPod so I can give you my credit card #.

Much Love to the Blogosphere

IF you feel daring call the voicemail line (206) 973-7886. Use it in the next Podcast. Ask Away and a team of trained Ninja’s will formulate an answer for you! If you would like a call back please leave your name, # and that is all. Or leave more if you want.

The Live Blog

3:57am – I woke up to embrace the world. Stumbled out of bed to go hop in the shower. I noticed it was a cold morning. I think why did I leave the fan on all night. Brrrr.

4:01am – Get in the shower and do the normal shower things. I feel the face a little scruffy from the Friday shave. I can deal its Monday nothing super important planned.

4:18am – Walk from shower into bedroom. Fuck its 4:19am need to get out the door. Throw on pair of Jeans. Old Navy rocks. T-Shirt and something else I got at Old Navy. Stumble out and walk to the car.

4:27am – Get to the car. Had to sync the iPod before leaving. Drive down to the park and ride. Car started up amazing after the new battery. Not getting check engine light anymore. Reminder: Oil Change

4:35am – Walk to the Bus Stop. Observe that I am the first one there. Sense of oddness comes about. I am never first one there. Ahh crazy electricity guy walks up. Asks me if I am in charge of the world yet. I saw it’s Only Monday time will tell.

4:50am – Board the Bus. Find a Seat. Fall Asleep

5:15am – Walk off the Bus. Hear someone say “Hey Tristan” Look Backwards and notice that it’s a guy I used to work with at the grocery store forever ago. So walking down to the boat and doing that usual catch up haven’t seen you in a long time banter and then he goes and has a smoke I walk down to the boat.

5:19am – Bill walks up sits down and we catch up talk about how life is great and so forth and his daughters and how he is getting married. (I really need to work on saying congrats to people)

5:45am – Get up walk over to the restroom. Comb the Hair, Do the Pit Stick and jam the ear buds in the ear.

5:54am – Go sit next to the doors on the ferry. Observe a girl that I think I kind of knew. Walk up introduce myself and find that we didn’t really go to High School Together and that she was to busy standing up to continue the conversation.

5:55am – Get off the Ferry and Start the 2.1mile walk to work.

6:10am – Walking along the waterfront and two old women speed walkers come up to me and say “Good Morning” I mute the iPod and they ask me what I am doing out so early. Your to young to be up this early yada yada. I do the normal lingo and chat up about walking. I am not even speed walking just my normal pace and they are trying to keep up with me.

6:17am – I walk by a Kiro TV 7 news truck and a guy in a suit is yacking about something about a new diner or something. I walk through the back shot. My 3rd TV experience walking to work.

6:25am – Walk into the courtyard between the two company buildings. The sprinklers are running and I see a piece of paper on the ground that catches my eye. Walk over find a $1 Bill. (Score)

6:36am – Get into the office and go to my desk and get my normal breakfast of 3 packets of Oatmeal. Go get some hot water and some OJ and a Dasani. Breakfast at the desk.

7:00am – Begin Work. Typical Monday everyone wanting to know what we did for them over the weekend. (Folks we have weekends off we didn’t do a darn thing)

7:26am – Writing this sentence.

7:30am – Decide to come back and Bold and Italic the Times. I will have to keep the work day brief because not really able to speak on such things.

7:39am – Get an IM asking “Why was Friday so Great?” I ponder discussing it but probably should get permission first. I would rather not speak about something if I saw it as something different and the other person saw it another way and have that situation ahead of myself. I feel myself getting a little drowsy. I went to bed at like 9:30pm. Damn Monday.

8:32am – Been 1hr and 33mins into my day and already I am tired. I perhaps should have some caffeine.

8:48am – I got a comment. (Schweet) wrote a response. I tend to agree 4am is a bit early. But life is good. Which pondered me to search the post logs to see if the magazine I was in ever got a blog note. I will have to wait for feedback on that one.

9:03am – Got an e-mail saying I need to approach people in a bit more delicate fashion. I tend to be the type that likes blunt honest communication but it appears that my friends don’t really understand that and they wonder why I don’t understand them. I think it is difficult to understand any situation if you are only getting partial information because someone can’t speak to you in a mature direct fashion. But I am open to different ideas. I just feel that if someone has a problem they should come discuss it instead of filtering things through a proxy. But anyway that e-mail has been passed onto the powers that be for thoughts. Maybe I should find a company to abuse today with an e-mail. Applebee’s wasn’t really keen on my idea of all mashed spuds for a dinner plate.

10:18am – Went over to the Shanty for a breakfast had to take “lunch” before I get slammed today so I had biscuits and gravy. There was this group of people in the place that were talking about earwax and how they can’t stop a shit once they start it. I am thinking what the fuck how is this breakfast conversation. But I got to thinking so I made a phone call to a buddy of mine about a job offer that I thought he might like. Played some Tetris on the cell phone. The bill came up to be $8.28. Service was not all that great so I went for a $2 tip. I try to tip well but eh wasn’t feeling it today.

I feel like someone will say “Sounds like someone has a case of the Monday’s” I need to go take that old printer I have and stomp on it. PC Load Letter this Byatch

10:46am – You are right my Junniper friend. I have been doing a lot today but most is work related that I am not at full liberty to discuss. The whole friday being great has caused a lot of buzz. I sent off an e-mail to the involved party with no such respose as of this posting. I have been working on a project for school in my free time doing an IP Address scheme for 5 network locations. Other Thoughts I missed. This morning on the walk to work I was listening to Adam Curry’s – The Daily Source Code episode #447. But anyways I digress.

The camping podcast show is currently in the editing phase. Trying to find some music to theme the show with is proving a bit difficult. But I must say that going camping with two city people one of which is a model makes for an interesting weekend.

11:05am – Reading. I don’t seem to do enough of it just for pleasure but what I do read for pleasure most people do not enjoy. This friday I was walking through the Barnes and Nobel and saw George Carlins – When Will Jesus bring the Pork Chops. Not exactly deep reading but I am a George Carlin fan to the end. I picked up a Barnes and Nobel Member card so I qualify for 10% discount. The world is now mine to read at a discount. Now only to find something that isn’t tech related. Ponder Ponder Ponder.

11:32 – I find that the more I work on this blog that this is getting to be a rather long thread. Perhaps my longest blog ever. I need to migrate a few features from the old blog over to the new blog. Like the Top 10 posts would be a cool feature. Bring back the Cookie Girl and the Worst Day Ever. All in the pipeline. Hmmm I should probably bring back Mr. Frank Cummingsworth. We need to go harass the closed minded world. mwa ha ha.

1:10pm – Well been a few hours. What have I accomplished. Well a few things at work. Got a few e-mails sent off to some classmates. Currently enjoying a Talking Rain Tangerine Flavored Sparkling Water and just having a few laughs. Had a person ask me about OS X. I love Mac Questions =)

1:28pm – I was testing some configurations with my laptop and currently did something cool. I enabled color for the terminal in OS X. Saves me some time when I am doing ls -l and working with ViM but anyways thought I would post something ultra nerdy. Back to work.

1:47pm – Junniper and Jennifer that could get confusing there is also my friend Jenni from Indiana but I have yet to see her comment publically. Though I should send her a note to. A battle royal of comments spawning who is the Real Jen. Get back to work.

1:58pm – I am sitting here looking at my white board pondering what clever desing to put on it at this moment. Currently it’s a rather devious looking set of eyeballs. Perhaps they are evil eyes. But eh Blue eyes are never evil. I maybe should add some red streaks to them. Red is always evil like. Time to hack the white board.

2:49pm – I went to go take a break. Grabbed some Dasani and was like man this is good stuff. Went around made some contact with people. Good Times. Not much to write for this issue.

3:10pm – I went to use the restroom and I got to thinking about this. The men’s restroom has 2 Urinals and 2 Stalls. The urinals are located at a normal adult height and a child height. I always hate using the child urninal. The higher one I can just walk up do my thing and no real thinking is required. The child one I have to make an effort to aim down and make sure it doesn’t just go everywhere. Someone should invent some sort of urinal-vator that can adjust the height of any urnial from a 6’3” Guy like myself down to the height for a little child of 4ft. So that someone shorter then myself doesn’t force me to use the child urinal. But anyways some random thought I had.

3:34pm – The time is running out. 4pm Get here soon so I can get down to the ferry and liberate myself from the city for a few hours!

3:46pm – Feel free to comment all you want. That is what the comment system is there for. Just giving the world a hard time. Much Love from Tristan to Junniper in the Blogosphere.

4:02pm – Walk out the door of work and begin the walk down to the ferry

4:28pm – I love this walk. Beautiful woman jogging. Tourists wearing next to nil and females shopping looking beautiful. Warm weather and Seattle is just perfect.

4:44pm – Well intel released the Intel Core Duo 2 and I was walking past pier 63 and saw about 8 Vespa Scooters that were painted baby blue that had the Intel Core Duo 2 logo on them with girls wearing white tops in a variety of styles and khakis from Capris, to shorts. I was trying to think of what the purpose. I doubt these girls even know what a Core Duo 2 even is. Who knows. Odd

4:56pm – Stop by Ivars and get one of my favorite foods Ivars clam chowder. Man that is good stuff. White Chowder is the best.

5:01pm – Get to the ferry terminal sit down and eat the chowder. That is good stuff nothing really exciting at this point some random guy did come and ask me what I was eating. He came back about 10 minutes later with the same thing haha.

5:16pm – The boarding for the 5:30 ferry begins I go and find a seat and pass out I am so tired.

6:00pm – Get off the ferry. This is always an interesting process because there is so many people. You are like a bunch of lemmings packed into a can all trying to get out this one little overhead walkway. Then you start walking on the walkway and everyone speeds up. The problem is that nobody likes to walk at my pace so I change into a slow little stride which drives the people around me nuts. They should make a path for those that want to walk faster. But one can only dream. Maybe if I could stink really really bad people would try to avoid me and get out of my way.

6:03pm – Get on the Bus. Only seat left is in the very back. I keep nodding in and out of sleep. I have the earbuds jammed listening to U2 and Frank Sinatra and Brian Setzer Orchestra. Man that is an odd selection.

6:38pm – Fucking Ferry Traffic takes forever to get where I need to go. Get off the bus get in car and drive home.

6:45pm – Well I get home and the wireless is down so I have to go in and rebuild the network and now can finish this blog. But the day is not over. What should I go grab for dinner. Man I am just really to tired to care at this point. I feel slightly worried about some aspects of life. I just can’t really explain it. I’ve been put on a waiting list for this apartment I really like. Hopefully I can get it before the end of the year. Currently playing in iTunes. For Now – Avenue Q Boradway Music Soundtrack. Talking about how everything is only For Now. The only things that are guaranteed are Death and Paying Taxes. Both things I am not really excited about. But Death that is the ultimate ending for anyone. It’s one of the few things we can look forward to since we all know it will happen. But hey you need to live everyday to the best that you can. Have no regrets and know that you did your best and that is all you can do.

7:28pm – Wrote everything that happened between 4pm and Now.

-Updates Throughout the Day stay tuned.

Tales of The Childhood – Part 1

In today’s world seems like kids really no longer get the chance to be kids anymore. I had to grow up rather fast when my parents split up when I was 10. Mom was working a lot and I had to get my sister up every morning and make sure she was ready for school and we would walk to school. In case you didn’t know I have a sister her name is Rachel and she is 2 years younger then me and for those who can’t do math as of this post she is 21 currently.

So I was thinking back and thought I would post a few stories from being a child that I get told from various family members and experiences. So lets start off with one from my Mom.

“When Tristan was young he was always outside and he had a little garden which he would grow all kinds of stuff. One time he grew pumpkins and they got huge and he sold them for carving for 25 cents. But I never had any problem feeding him veggies so he decided that he would grow his own. His first one that he tried to grow was spinach. His favorite cartoon at the time was popeye. When the spinach had grown out of the ground he was outside and he picked all the spinach and he would take a leaf and then take a bite. Then he would flex his arm and look over at it. He had this look of disapointment on his face. He would take another bite and then do it again. I was in the house and was laughing so hard at this. The things kids do”

Well everytime I hear that story I always chuckle. I think I must have been 7 or 8 maybe younger when that happend. I remember in 1st grade one time we were making these books that were a catalog of our lives. My teach was Mrs. Bell and I had this huge Orange peice of paper and it had to come up with a cover. I was trying to draw a tooth. But it turned out to look more like a boob. Kids would always tease me about it. “Tristan drew a boob on hisi paper” but it also inspired a girl named Inga and Brandy M. to come over and lift up their shirts and flash our table. Ahh 1st grade. I rememberr this guy named Matt would get pissed that I could read at a higher level then him and he would always come over when I was sitting on the special kitty couch as my reading prize and annoy all of the “good” readers. That is also when my mom made me take a test to get into tha accelerated school program I remember it was like 120 question test it was crazy. I don’t recall if I got in but I remember having to leave class when math was in session and go to the 5th grade room and take math. Most 5th graders didn’t appreciate a 1st grader doing algebra with them. So that caused an issue so I had to go back to 1st grade math. But I was doing 5th grade in that class. But this spawned the time I came home from school crying and my mom says I came home crying and said “I’m bored at school” I remember finishing 3 pages of Math Homework first in the matter of a minute or two. Which bothered the 1st graders. Anyways enough about that.
But I thought I would take a few moments and recall a few memories and get a story about my childhood. I will continue this as more people send in stories about myself. I am sure everyone has some story like this and enjoy reading such things. I really enjoyed recalling this and remembering that it’s nice to grow up. But it’s also nice to remember a time when life was simple and your biggest worry was how to get your bike and go down into the swamp.

Or if myself and the three neighbor girls were going to watch Ghostbusters. When your that young and all that tension about relationships and dating was not even a thought. You were just seeking more friends to hang out with. Now seems like their are agendas and people are out to get each other. Nice to think about that time and enjoy the memories.

So take the time talk to your family and hear of a time when you literally had No Worries. I am sure a smile will come to your face. Like “No Way! Did I do that”¬† We were all young and dumb once.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I must say Friday was Great. =)

The Desk List

I thought I would make a list of the items I have at my desk. In No Particular Order

  1. Suave Men’s Hair Gel
  2. Labtec Desktop Speakers
  3. Nortel Networks Phone
  4. Backpack
  5. Stainless Steel Coffee Mug
  6. 6 Empty Bottles of Blue Bawls
  7. Tape Exacuator
  8. Canister of Pens
  9. Dry Erase Markers
  10. Dry Erase Board
  11. Phone Headset
  12. Cell Phone (Personal)

That was all that I could locate at my current desk. Lets Move on to the cabinet

  1. 2 Boxes of Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Packets
  2. 1 Box of Strawberry Pop Tarts
  3. Misc Papers
  4. Box Cutter
  5. Network Crimpers
  6. Wire Strippers
  7. Paperclips
  8. Push Pins
  9. Sharpie
  10. Nintendo DS Lite
  11. iPod 4G 20GB
  12. Common Math Equations Book
  13. Data Sheet on Subnetting

And Time to Explore the Upper Cabinet

  1. Can of Altoids
  2. The TCP/IP Guide by Kozierok
  3. Linux Administrator Handbook
  4. Pocket Guide to OS X
  5. CCNA Self Study Guide
  6. Empty Coffee Cup
  7. Stack of Unused Yellow Pads
  8. Empty Desktop Speaker Box
  9. BigIP LTM Essentials Guide

That appears to be everything besides Computer, Keyboard and Mouse but those are a default given. Anyways thought I would share with the world.

Contacting Customer Support

I have been drinking a lot of this Talking Rain Sparkling Water we have at work. I like the Lime and the Tangerine flavors. But I look at the back of the bottle and it has 0% of everything no sugar, carbs, or sodium. But it has natural fruit extracts and oils. So thinking that fruit naturally has sugar I was pondering how that would be. So I sent off an e-mail to our lovely friends over at talking rain and a gentelman named Trevor took the time to explain the process in a timely fashion. I must say A+ for getting back to me in less then 2hrs.


Thank you for your interest in TalkingRain. The natural fruit essences
and oils do not include any actual juice from the fruit. It is kind of
like the process of making perfume. The fruits are soaked in a water
substance, and then that substance is used for the flavor. This gives
the product the flavor of the fruit without any calories from the juice.
If you have any other questions please let me know.

Trevor Williams

Customer Service
Marketing Assistant

Beverage Company
30520 SE 84th Street
P.O. Box 549
Preston, WA 98050

Office: (425) 222-4900 ex. 203
Fax: (425) 222-4901

So that was pretty cool. So Trevor at Talking Rain. Beer on Friday is On me. Come on down to Seattle from the lovely town of Preston. Which I believe is up in the Cascades a straight shot East on I-90.

Hope Everyone is having a good Tuesday.

If you have a hard question that needs to be asked. I will spare nothing to get the answer for you. Not even my pride. Kinda like that one time I sent an e-mail off to Brita Asking if it would make Urine Drinkable. I am sure that is a fairly common question for them though. After Waterworld we all begin to wonder what is the deal with that.

The Weekend Update!

Well it’s time for a weekend update. Well lets get this clear I went camping. Which inspired a good deal of debate. So tonight I am meeting up with a few of my fellow campers and we shall be recording a podcast tonight. Going to make this another ubercaster test so probably have a few issues to work out with this one. So if you have any questions you would like to ask the panel the voicemail # is 206.973.7886 or shoot me an e-mail using the Contact Form on the right hand side of the page.

Also this week I have a lot of things to catch up on. I have to figure out how I am going to write a few documents. I also need to buy a plane ticket for September. Going down to L.A. to take care of some Podcasting stuff. I will be at the Podcasting Expo with my good friend Mike who I just happen to run NailsInTheRoad with. So if your going to be at the Podcasting Expo hit me up lets go have a beer or something.

I went out and bought a Frank Sinatra CD. I dig Frank something to sing in the Car. I went out and had dinner with a friend last night and had it playing. Was having a bit of an issue with a situation and took a beer and a burger worked out the issues and things are all gravy again.

Anyways Come Fly Me To the Moon.

Let’s Talk About Some Cool Stuff

Well I must say that one of the most recent cool experiences I had was when I was looking for the offical rules of Ultimate Frisbee and in my search for a frisbee that could fly a bit further I came across the FlashFlight! We had our first test run in a field last night after I had some Thai Food. *Spills a Bit of Beer On Myself, Chuckle _beerfriday* So we thought these light up frsibees they are really bright I bought the Red One. But when it’s dark out you really can’t see who you are throwing to. So we are woking on a solution for that.

Another Note I went over on my cell phone which is rather amazing since I have never done that in my life. So I upgraded my plan with Unlimited T-Mobile to T-Mobile and raised the Cap to 1000 mins. I bitched enough didn’t have to renew my contract. That was pretty sweet. T-Mobile I may bash you frequently but your cool in my book. They are one Seattle based company that I enjoy. =)

It’s the weekend I am going camping this weekend with the KGB Mafia Man and Company. So I am doing a rare tristan thing. I will have the cell phone but I doubt it gets service but I have to make a visit to an area that has service so leave some love and I will get back to you in a delayed fashion. My friend Nick is dating a Model who is coming along on the trip. So I have never really been around a model and am creating all these scenarios of this model in my head complaining of sitting on a stump for a chair and all that jazz. But anyways I am deteremined to have a good time. Enjoy not thinking. And Really enjoy a shower upon my return.

I created a new page of concepts I am working on for the blog. Need to sharpen some of my skills. I even took some time and updated the interface on my MySpace Profile. Also noticed it said I was 23 and that was the link to the blog so I changed all of those files to make everyone’s life easier to find myself.

Today I am rather happy even though I got yelled at by someone who could only speak french. I had to take what he was saying and his e-mails he was sending in convert them to English and pass them onto my boss while I got yelled at in a language I have no way of understanding. That kinda put a damper on my day but this wonderful ice cold beer I brought back to my desk seemed to make up for it.=)

But last night I had a great talk with a new friend and I feel really great. But I have 18 mins left thought I would write a blog. Send me some love if we haven’t talked in a whlie let me know what’s new. Especially the one who’s eyes are scrolling back and forth as we are moving down the page. What is funny is you are still reading this looking for what might be so productive that this is worth the eye exercise. Well as we press on slowly but surely I am enjoying the fact that I have at least a little control of your next few moments. Now you are pondering “I Could stop reading at anytime” Well I am sure you could. But you are hoping that on some small whim I will let you go from my powerful text spell. But it won’t happen. It might happen. But I highly doubt it.

Look we jumped down a few lines. Welcome Back. Anyways enough with this. This is your resident Blogger and the T-Factor also Tristan Pipo. Anyways lots of love to the blogosphere. Damn I’m in a Good Mood.

IT”S THE WEEKEND BABY! WOOOT! It’s August Summer is almost over! Get out and Enjoy it! If You Don’t I will hire a man named Bruno to be like “Listen Up! Your Going to Enjoy Yourself! Or I will pummel you with Lego’s and Nerf Ammo” (current items on the desk…. And a Beer Cup!)

Damn Good Times.¬† I will try something that I don’t usually do.
Current Favorite Song: City of Blinding Lights – U2 – How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb – Current iPod Plays 19 – Last Play August 18th 2006 2:37 PST