The Night of Oddity

I sometimes ponder how I keep coming up with new names for each blog post. But lets get started.

Last night started off the same as every other night but it just seemed a bit odd. I was in class and checked out my bloglines account and noticed Junniper had updated her blog with a tale of her cat. Cats are an interesting creature I do enjoy a cat but not the amount of meds that require me to have a pleasant experience with them.  My friend Ollie has this cat Rufus that drools when you pet him. But I digress.

So I start my drive home and make a few phone calls. Nobody was really into picking up the phone which has been an odd trend been getting me to wonder is it me. But lets move along I get a phone call from an Erin. A rather drunk Erin confessing how she wants to see me and wants to go out. I took it with very little satisfaction knowing that she was drunk and would not be right.

So for some reason I had the FM Radio on and was listening to Z89.5 in Seattle which is a radio station run by a High School that plays a lot of Dance/Techno music. So I called in and got this sweet woman voice answering the phone heard my voice and said “You have a great voice can I put you on air?” so I got put on hold and then got picked up and Asked for Deepest Blue and she was like I totally forgot about that song and exchanged a few words about what I was doing and that casually witty DJ banter and then we parted ways. Few songs later I was on the radio. I tried calling people saying “Hey I’m going to be on the radio” But people were either asleep or ignoring me.

Erin then called me again in her drunken state yelling at her friends. Which I didn’t really care to hear so I put her on speakerphone and left her in the cup holder and she was content talking and not hearing me respond.

So I get home and watch the Apple WWDC 2006 but these always suck the first day after release because so many people are watching them and I get a huge buffering problem so I try to wait a day or two so I decided to watch Sunday’s Episode of Entourage when they Go to Vegas and as my other blogging friend Jennifer pointed out on a chat we had that it wasn’t the best. Though I must say Seth Green comes off as a total dick. I do believe he has that short man syndrome. I seem to get that a lot being 6’3” these short guys like to try to annoy the crap out of me or try to put me down. I don’t get it. But to each their own. I guess it’s some issue with these little guys trying to prove they are worth something. But I digress.

So lets get to the dream. I fall asleep and in my dream I wake up and it’s 4am my normal wake up call and do the shower get dressed yada yada. I go out to my car and I get in and all of a sudden 3 Mountian Lion’s attack my car and shred two of my tires while the other one is freaking out attacking my window (Thanks Junniper for That). So I call into work and saying I will be really late and they ask me why. I said Mountian Lions attacked my car.

This didn’t seem to go over well with the people in charge not wanting to believe that some rogue mountian lions attacked my car and shredded my tires. So after they have their fun I get out of my car and call the Triple A people and tell them the story. Which didn’t seem to go over well either.  So the truck comes out and looks at my car tires and goes well umm something attacked them. I was like it was mountian lions I tell you! Mountian Lions! The odd man was like calm down son. I am not saying I didn’t believe you. But you need to come with me.

So we climb into his truck after loading up my car and then these mountian lions come out and start attacking this truck. They decided to bite into the truck and start peeling the metal off and made some make shift armor from the ripped up truck.  So they got even more hardcore and started ripping up the windows and destroying the truck. The driver gets out and he ends up mauled to death and a nice Mountian Lion Feast. They come into the cabin and just about to start chewing on my head and I wake up.

That was the odd night and the odd dream. Hope everyone enjoyed the Podcast.

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