In The News……

I had some difficulty coming up with a title for this post. I was thinking about “Why Condoms Were Invented” Or perhaps “Burn the Midwest” or maybe “People still live in the flyover states?” But with all that aside I bring you this wonderful news bit from our friends in wonderful Madison, WI. 

So lets take a moment to review this. A Mom helps her son find a robbery victim because it was an activity that they could do together. Now when I was a we lad me and my mom would go on walks or go camping or go outside and do things. I also begin to consider how did he get a gun? It may have been a BB gun but still  My mom wouldn’t even let me have a cap gun when I was a child. The closest thing I got to a gun was a Super Soaker 50. It did the trick for soaking the neighbor hood kids until someone got a super soaker 100. So the gentleman tackled down the kid until the cops arrived.

So this brainy mother left the crime scene where she was then tracked down at her home and gave a false name. I have trouble understanding how people can be so clueless at times. I have my brain farts like I was trying to call someone at 2181 when I kept dialing 2118 kept angering some woman who appeared not to want to talk to anyone at 9am. But she is getting some nice charges and the boy is off to juvy. Hopefully neither of them breed.

So now lets move over to the East Coast and ABC News has this story about Skinterns. 

So we have girls wearing less clothes to secure a position that may not be necessarily for work. Perhaps in many of senators offices working on a position for them. Well umm yeah okay lets clean up my brain for a second……….. Okay pressing forward. Talking about professional attire in the workplace. We are pretty much free to where whatever we want within reason. Jeans and a T-Shirt is cool if that is your norm. I have had many jobs that have a uniform of Khaki’s and whatever. Plus a Vest or that companies Shirt. Personally after many years of wearing Khaki’s I cannot stand them and I like my jeans and t-shirt world. I am wearing a black polo shirt from Old Navy as I am typing this with some faded levi’s and my size 16 docker shoes. I consider it casual but wearing a mini skirt to a senator’s office for these girls well I am not exactly sure on the reasoning but I would find it to be a distraction in the workplace.

As the article ends up we all remember the blue dress from the lady in the desk.

So we begin the 3rd and final link from 

The security at the airport has been rather crazy. I have had to take off my shoes and get scanned. I even had to turn on my laptop once. The secuirty guard didn’t appear to know anything about Mac’s when he asked me to load the start menu. I replied with I don’t have a start menu. This prompted me to speak to a few other people and get a search of my bags and so forth.

So we are going to auction off the items you can’t take on a plane. We all know how awesome it is to get a pair of used nail clippers. Though a dried out nail clipping is pretty sharp and perhaps would be more dangerous then a pair of nail clippers. I can picture the headline now. “People Are Afraid that Hangnails Could Cause Hijacking”. Am I really concerned about terror? Not really. I live in the Seattle Area we have all kinds of military bases around us and if they are going to take someone out well we would be a pretty good target. If Korea gets a nuke over here might as well embrace the horror because I will vaporized shortly. But I thought it was interesting that “Sex Toys” are not allowed on your carry on. I figured that would be a legal item. If someone needs to go “take care of themselves” to relax those flight jitters I am all for it. I would rather sit next to someone that is cool after their experience. But I really cannot picture someone trying to take over the plane with a prosthetic male item or a collection of said gel beads.

The most interesting item up for auction is a chain saw. What kind of moron would try and take this on the plane. We don’t need anyone going scar face on someone those bathrooms don’t have a bathtub. Someone also tried to bring a few blenders with them. I can’t vision a time where I have though. Man I need to bring a blender with me to New York. Most Bars have that already.

They say 94% of the items will sell. We also find out that this brings in $3,000 a month. I ponder what is done with that 3k a month.

That is the news for now. Hope everyone had a great weekend. I must work on taking over the world one blog at a time.