Tales of The Childhood – Part 1

In today’s world seems like kids really no longer get the chance to be kids anymore. I had to grow up rather fast when my parents split up when I was 10. Mom was working a lot and I had to get my sister up every morning and make sure she was ready for school and we would walk to school. In case you didn’t know I have a sister her name is Rachel and she is 2 years younger then me and for those who can’t do math as of this post she is 21 currently.

So I was thinking back and thought I would post a few stories from being a child that I get told from various family members and experiences. So lets start off with one from my Mom.

“When Tristan was young he was always outside and he had a little garden which he would grow all kinds of stuff. One time he grew pumpkins and they got huge and he sold them for carving for 25 cents. But I never had any problem feeding him veggies so he decided that he would grow his own. His first one that he tried to grow was spinach. His favorite cartoon at the time was popeye. When the spinach had grown out of the ground he was outside and he picked all the spinach and he would take a leaf and then take a bite. Then he would flex his arm and look over at it. He had this look of disapointment on his face. He would take another bite and then do it again. I was in the house and was laughing so hard at this. The things kids do”

Well everytime I hear that story I always chuckle. I think I must have been 7 or 8 maybe younger when that happend. I remember in 1st grade one time we were making these books that were a catalog of our lives. My teach was Mrs. Bell and I had this huge Orange peice of paper and it had to come up with a cover. I was trying to draw a tooth. But it turned out to look more like a boob. Kids would always tease me about it. “Tristan drew a boob on hisi paper” but it also inspired a girl named Inga and Brandy M. to come over and lift up their shirts and flash our table. Ahh 1st grade. I rememberr this guy named Matt would get pissed that I could read at a higher level then him and he would always come over when I was sitting on the special kitty couch as my reading prize and annoy all of the “good” readers. That is also when my mom made me take a test to get into tha accelerated school program I remember it was like 120 question test it was crazy. I don’t recall if I got in but I remember having to leave class when math was in session and go to the 5th grade room and take math. Most 5th graders didn’t appreciate a 1st grader doing algebra with them. So that caused an issue so I had to go back to 1st grade math. But I was doing 5th grade in that class. But this spawned the time I came home from school crying and my mom says I came home crying and said “I’m bored at school” I remember finishing 3 pages of Math Homework first in the matter of a minute or two. Which bothered the 1st graders. Anyways enough about that.
But I thought I would take a few moments and recall a few memories and get a story about my childhood. I will continue this as more people send in stories about myself. I am sure everyone has some story like this and enjoy reading such things. I really enjoyed recalling this and remembering that it’s nice to grow up. But it’s also nice to remember a time when life was simple and your biggest worry was how to get your bike and go down into the swamp.

Or if myself and the three neighbor girls were going to watch Ghostbusters. When your that young and all that tension about relationships and dating was not even a thought. You were just seeking more friends to hang out with. Now seems like their are agendas and people are out to get each other. Nice to think about that time and enjoy the memories.

So take the time talk to your family and hear of a time when you literally had No Worries. I am sure a smile will come to your face. Like “No Way! Did I do that”  We were all young and dumb once.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I must say Friday was Great. =)

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