One Thing That Makes Me Happy….

Today has been such a draining day I can’t figure it out. Like every issue I have had to deal with has been like dragging me down. It all started with Idiot Cell Phone Bus Rider. But on my lunch our I went and got one of the few things that really makes me happy and that is Subway.

My ultimate dream sub is a 12” Chicken Teriyaki on Italian Herb and Cheese Bread with Pepper Jack Cheese and Lettuce, Onions, Cucumbers, Green Pepppers, Peppercini’s (spelling?) and Jalapeno’s with Sweet Onion Sauce and a Little Mayo.

My second favorite sandwich is available only at Central Market and they call it the Turkey Cranberry. It is by far what I would imagine as one of the most delicious sandwiches in the world.

The 3rd comes in with a custom one that I make personally. Start off with some Wheat Bread the kind with some nuts in it. Toast that up with some Pepper Jack Cheese. Then get some Turkey and some Guacamole. Put that on the sandwich. Add some Miracle Whip on the side that the Guac is not touching. A little pepper and we are golden for sandwich consumption.

I was reading a blog post about the Top Ten Reasons Geeks Make good friends. It says “They Love your Cooking” I must say that everytime a woman has cooked a meal for me that wasn’t a parent or family I have always felt totally content. A girl made me a bologna sandwich one time. Not my favorite but I really appreciated the thought and effort that was put into that sandwich. The last time this happened was when I had just moved back to WA from Indiana. My friend Ollie was putting on some techno DJ party. So we went out to this ex girlfriend of Preston’s her name was Salena. We were chatting and the flyers for the party were being printed in Portland, OR. We had expected them to be shipped and arrived that day. But no the guy didn’t ship them. So we had to drive down to Portland to get them.

Salena felt bad and made us both lunches. For some reason with that it was one of the best sandwiches I had ever had because of the thought and effort that went into it. I wish I could have done more for her. Oh well.

We got a random posted named suzie asking what I look for in a woman.

Hmmm. I try to answer all questions that will involve some thought. Having been single for coming up on 3 years now (WoW) and dated all kinds of women I will have to seriously think this one out.

On a sad note it looks like my iPod is slowly dying. I was hoping to wait until the next generation video iPod to replace this one. The one where the whole iPod is rumored to be a screen. But alas that U2 iPod is also looking rather nice. $299 with student discount. Be nice to upgrade to something with a color screen. My 20GB 4G iPod is nearly full. I think I have .4GB of free space left. Which could easily be 1 day of Podcasts. Or perhaps the 60GB iPod Video. Ugh Apple release a new iPod so I can give you my credit card #.

Much Love to the Blogosphere

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