September 2006

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Well I have arrived in L.A. Caught up on sleep and hanging out. Need to take a shower and then take on the town. So far good times. I need to not fly so early in the morning. Anyways leave some love.

In the normal scheme of things I tend to deal with mail in the digital realm. E-mail I have 3 e-mails that I check on a regular basis. gMail, and Work. I get notifications of mySpace mail but eh to much effort rather just get e-mail on my mobile and go. But being the […]

Well it’s Friday and I thought I would start off from a word from my one and only male stalker. (NSFW) I haven’t had a real chance to watch the whole thing but from what I have seen I think I should be in total fear of Mr. Dave Grady. So that how that […]

Taking a quiz seems to be rather popular in the blogging world. Or filling up that Bulletin Space on the MySpace. So I thought I would put it on my blog instead because well easier then logging into myspace and I can do it from my cell phone. So I found this quiz on […]

I had a little bit of a site outage when I changed the caching options on the page. I was trying to implement a system where I changed how the site was cached for your web browser so you would have a cookie that would be persistent while you visited the page so it would […]

Not being a religious man myself I love that title. But I am making reference to 1980 film about a tribe in Africa who gets a gift from the “Gods” of a Coca Cola bottle that nearly took their society to madness because there was only one and everybody wanted it. So one of the […]

So today I meant to do a solo Podcast. But that got sidetracked because of the rain and not packing my laptop with me to work. But this evening I did record the brand new Podcast we are going to launch in a month or two and I must say this is awesome stuff. I […]

I guess I will have to come up with something to say to the world! 3 YEARS OF BLOGGING TOMORROW. Well hmm what shall I do. I know announce something about the podcast. Yes. I shall do that. Anyways lots of love to everyone and take some time to relax. Pull out a chair. But […]

So I had to fill out a survey and one of the questions was “What Adjectives Would Your Friends Use to Describe You?” So I went to the online people on the IM world and asked them this question of the people that knew me the best and I thought I would just post those […]

New iPods but today is beyond Stressful. GRRRR ArrGihdlkajgaghjda; adosfjkl;ajglakssbnlkad uopjdalm Urge to become a ninja and stealthly do something evil rising! Nothing really valuable today. I need a neck massage or something.