The Mailbox

In the normal scheme of things I tend to deal with mail in the digital realm. E-mail I have 3 e-mails that I check on a regular basis. gMail, and Work. I get notifications of mySpace mail but eh to much effort rather just get e-mail on my mobile and go. But being the bad ass digital self that I am I maybe write one check a month and mail probably nothing would rather pay it over the phone or online.

Since it has been invasion of the Jen or I have startd to call it the Jen-o-lution recently on the site. One has been trying to break my habits of e-mail and digital things and asked if she could send me a postcard. So I have on my cube at work a Postcard from Boston. So I need to send her a postcard in return which I have not done and it’s been a couple weeks now. I have the postcard sitting on my desk at home but I have not had a chance to send it out. Then a couple days ago I get another mailing of what I would call a gift package loaded with Boston type goodies and one of my favorite snacks Ritz Bitz with Cheese and a South Park DVD, A Boston Mascot for the Red Sox, Pan Holder with Boston Baked Beans Recipe on It, A Card with a vintage apple sticker in there, And a few other things.

So now I got to thinking I better get something for the lovely Boston Jen. I with some Seattle Flair. I have been working on a few things and got some stuff coming to me that is still being put together. But I will make my first venture to the post office in years.

I guess it’s time to make one aspect of my life analog in this digital world. Now I have a pen pal. You can check out the Jennifers Blog at But anyways tickets are confirmed and I will be on my way to L.A. this Thursday. Since I am trying to break the digital self up a bit if anyone has any requests for postcards from the Sunny Part of SoCal shoot me your address to and a trained group of pixie goblins with lipstick named ethel will process your information and a postcard will be coming your way. Or just hit up the Contact Me Page on the right hand side of the world there. Happy Blogging.

Also to much demand the KGB Mafia Man will be launching his blog fairly soon.


FUBAR Friday!

Well it’s Friday and I thought I would start off from a word from my one and only male stalker. (NSFW)

I haven’t had a real chance to watch the whole thing but from what I have seen I think I should be in total fear of Mr. Dave Grady. So that how that goes.

I have noticed the little txt message I send out nearly every friday while I am consuming my adult beverage at work.

Happy Beer Friday

So I invite everyone out to enjoy the weekend with the start of a Cold one. I will drink one in your honor. This weekend shall be filled with a great deal of mystery as I embark on a journey of a lifetime. I think I will check out a flick. See what the world of hollywood is using to suck $6.50 out of my pocket and make me ponder of 35mm for 90mins-2hrs.

But whatever the weekend holds. Next weekend I will be in the land of the Sun sucking down a Martini that is Shaken with some Grey Goose. Or perhaps I will do that this weekend also. I like expensive micro brews and expensive Vodka.

But anyways hope everyone has a great weekend. I will be available via cell phone if you would like to share a few laughs. I was thinking of a funny story about a frog one time. Maybe you will get to hear that story.

Anyways L.A. will be over taken with Podcasting Geeks Next Week which will be sweet. Maybe I will run into soccergirl. Or Mary and Karla. Perhaps time will tell.

Much Love to Everyone and the Weekend. And this weekend I am feeling extra generous. Hugs for Everyone

Quiz Time

Taking a quiz seems to be rather popular in the blogging world. Or filling up that Bulletin Space on the MySpace. So I thought I would put it on my blog instead because well easier then logging into myspace and I can do it from my cell phone.

So I found this quiz on Geek, Dork or Nerd Quiz

My Results Were as Followed.

Modern, Cool Nerd
69 % Nerd, 60% Geek, 13% Dork For The Record:

A Nerd is someone who is passionate about learning/being smart/academia.
A Geek is someone who is passionate about some particular area or subject, often an obscure or difficult one.
A Dork is someone who has difficulty with common social expectations/interactions.
You scored better than half in Nerd and Geek, earning you the title of: Modern, Cool Nerd.

Nerds didn’t use to be cool, but in the 90’s that all changed. It used to be that, if you were a computer expert, you had to wear plaid or a pocket protector or suspenders or something that announced to the world that you couldn’t quite fit in. Not anymore. Now, the intelligent and geeky have eked out for themselves a modicum of respect at the very least, and “geek is chic.” The Modern, Cool Nerd is intelligent, knowledgable and always the person to call in a crisis (needing computer advice/an arcane bit of trivia knowledge). They are the one you want as your lifeline in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (or the one up there, winning the million bucks)!


Ahh let the Ego Swell as I think of myself as a Cool Modern Nerd.

Site Down

I had a little bit of a site outage when I changed the caching options on the page. I was trying to implement a system where I changed how the site was cached for your web browser so you would have a cookie that would be persistent while you visited the page so it would contain the information that you have looked at already and get it out of your browsers cache if it was there.  It was generating errors with the spam protection system when bots were hitting my site it would then cause them to download large amounts of data because it was not able to reindex the page so to speak and would cause them to generate a ton of requests.  So I  had to take the site down for a few moments while I removed the malicious code from the blogging software. Everything has been updated to what it was yesterday. Anyways all should be well. So I would like to Thank Putty and the wonderful forums over at wordpress for helping me get the site back online.

But in all reality most readers would have noticed no downtime and would think okay. Well see that is just how good I am. Put up a static page as a mirror for the moment. =p

But since I was doing this live it took the site down for a short period of time. Things are back up and running.

Thanks and Cheers!

The Gods Must Be Crazy

Not being a religious man myself I love that title. But I am making reference to 1980 film about a tribe in Africa who gets a gift from the “Gods” of a Coca Cola bottle that nearly took their society to madness because there was only one and everybody wanted it. So one of the guys takes the bottle and wants to give it back to the Gods because they didn’t want this tool that was destroying society. But I digress.

So lets get down to what I like to talk on my blog about the best and that is myself. Or technology but seems like everyone is against that. =p But moving along here has been my week so far. Monday I had the wonderful issue of a power outage. I opened my eyes slightly and thought “It’s Light Out. HOLY FUCK” look at my alarm clock and it’s blinking and has some odd hour. I flip open my laptop and see 7am. So I get dressed race out the door don’t have time for the bus and need to suck it up and pay the fee and drive across. I miss the 7:05am ferry and then the 7:50am ferry so I get on the 8:45am ferry. I missed the 7:50am ferry by 1 car. So I get into work around 9:30am so that day was odd because I skipped lunch and then worked an extra 2hrs so I got an hour of overtime but being late really grinds my gears. When I was not at fault totally for this issue. I thought then Just a typical Monday no big deal.

Tuesday rolls around and I have to drive to work this time so I drive the 82.6miles around the sound to work. Traffic is just beyond crazy. I have no idea why people need to stop and stare to look at an accident or why they can’t allow a little extra space to let another car through. Get off your cell phone quit being a jackass and better the world by letting people merge. If you are going to drive the speed limit or slower get in the slow lane so those of us that like to take the risk of speeding may do so. I have been told from a woman that she would only drive in the farthest lane because she was afraid of people merging so I have to deal with someone who is afraid to drive and go slow because them!? So yesterday was just a nightmare of traffic and I was late to work by 40 mins. Again I skipped lunch and moved along to make up for lost time.

Wednesday this morning I thought alright hump day. Been two bad travel days to work in a row what could happen today? I wake up on time. Take my shower. Have time to shave. Pack up the backpack with the essentials. New Books from BN, iPod, Nintendo DS Lite, Notepad, Pen, Hair Gel, Deodorant, Comb, Corona Hat, New Crutchfield Catalog, I also brought along a restock of breakfast in the file cabinet supplies today. Get to the bus stop at my normal time. There are 11 people in front of me odd since normally there are 2-3 people at max I have seen 6 people in line but 11 holy freaking moses! So standing there among people I have never seen before we get on the bus which is normally no problem finding a seat. But it was totally full. I had to sit next to a guy who had a PSP watching Star Trek the old school one. The first one of the TV series. The people that normally sit in the front had to sit behind me and got to here a conversation about the crap people get to bitch about. You get to read it now. But anyway the bus was late to begin with and they we had a new driver and the lights were on inside the bus. I sleep on the bus not possible with the lights on.

So the bus craziness gets a kick into stress. We get stuck waiting in line for a pilot car. Now if you are not sure what a pilot car is. It’s a car that you follow through a construction site. Because it’s so hard to stay on one side of the cones. But I catch a bus at 4:53am to get on the 5:20am ferry. We are stuck at the construction line until 5:08am with all the other stops and slowdowns of the morning bus ride we didn’t get to the terminal until 5:19am. So being at my seat on the bus I have to wait for all these other people who are to old to give a shit or to lazy to RUN to get off the bus. So I get off and book it down to the ferry which is a good 2 block run or so. I get down to the doors and have to deal an old lady getting pissed that I jumped over her suitcase to make it in the door before it closed so I was the 2nd to last person on the boat before it left while the rest of my bus had to wait for the 6:20am ferry to make an appearance.

Feeling rather lucky that something kinda went right I find a bench on the ferry and pass out listening to Penn Jillette Podcast which is a time shifted commercial free edition of his 1hr show on FreeFM and got to learn about the Boston accent from his new cohost. So I get off the boat and start my walk to work. On average to walk the 2.26 miles it takes me about 25-32 mins on average. But not today…

I get to the last pier which I believe is pier 70 and there is a train crossing and it’s not the little commuter train but a long cargo train. So it pulls across the entire waterfront as it seems and then it stops. So I am stuck there leaning on a light post for this to happen. From this point it’s another 5-8 mins left of my morning hike to work. But with this train it raised my time to a 58 min walk to the ferry. No rain today though. But this was the first time I was not late though I get into the office and I only have 2 mins to prepare for the day.

We shall see what Thursday has in store or what the rest of today will have. Going to L.A. on the 28th! Lets hope that goes smoothly.

3 Years Today

So today I meant to do a solo Podcast. But that got sidetracked because of the rain and not packing my laptop with me to work. But this evening I did record the brand new Podcast we are going to launch in a month or two and I must say this is awesome stuff. I must say that the work that is going into this new setup is just amazing. I got to go sit in a real studio and record something that will be great. That is all I can really say about it for now.

So Next week on September 28th 2006 I will be boarding a plane and skipping beer friday and going to the Podcast Expo. If anyone wants any swag hit me up. Me and Mr. Mike England will be in attendance and having a great time. I will get to try some L.A Beer.

So been 3 years of blogging. What have we done. Well in 3 years since I first wrote a blog I was in Indiana and caught onto this whole idea when I read that Google bought Blogger and blogger had all the premium services for free. That is when I got started and Push Button Publishing had a new meaning.

Easy to use interface is what got me hooked but as with the natural progression of things. I am now running wordpress and running the database on the local side and doing so has required me to get ready for the next migration to more space and bandwidth. Doing the Podcasts is no cheap venture but I really do enjoy doing them. But anyways so in 3 years we are on Post #737 and I must say it’s been a hell of a great time. I really enjoy writing something and knowing people read it and get feedback from the world.

I must say my natural progression over 3 years has been a great deal of fun to track. From one sentence blog posts about how I was vague about working at best buy or my girlfriend at the time. Now talking about anything and getting my thoughts out there the only way I know how. Well I do audio as well =p.

I get told I need to talk about my romantic life a bit more. I do get asked a lot what are you looking for in a girl Tristan. I am sure I could answer this but I think it’s hard to pin down exactly what I want because I think every person that I get to share some experience with life rubs off a bit on me and I assume a bit of myself on them and what I want today maybe will change tomorrow. But Nice Legs never hurt =p.

So 3 years has been great. Here is to more blogging. Get out there start your own blog! Get an RSS Feed! People sometimes say they hate the word Blog. Okay come read my website. Come read my online journal. Come read what is on my mind in a digital text format. You are who you are and everyone wants to be heard. Someone will feel better knowing that someone is reading what you are writing and getting feedback. Go find a random blog and leave a thought. I always smile when I hear that *Ding* and gMail icon goes red and says (1) and I click on it and it says [ Comment] I get excited and want to see who took the time to write something. I really enjoy comments.

But anyways cheers to the blogging world. And to those who don’t blog start blogging just please do not use the MySpace blogging because it’s not true Web 2.0. Sign up for LiveJournal, Moveable Type, Blogger, .Mac,, Typosphere, Xanaga whatever. You want but I try to talk you away from MySpace Blogging because a user cannot grab your feed and see when you have updated. Since it does not use RSS that works with most feed readers.

You can check out the blogs I read on a daily basis at and Thank You Everyone for reading. Next celebration will be at either 4 years or 1000 posts. Which ever comes first.

Much Love to Everyone and Hope Happiness Will find you and enrich your life. Life is to short. Call that person you haven’t talked to in a while. Write an e-mail to that person you haven’t heard from in a while see whats up. Google Search for something you have always wanted to know. I searched for what would happen if you could dig a hole through the earth. It would cut down on travel time to travel to the other side of the world in 42 mins and you would fall through the earth reach the other side and then fall back again and this would just repeat over and over. If you were in a vacuum and nothing to stop you. Thanks for that lovely answer.

3 YEARS COMPLETE! TOAST AND CHEERS TO EVERYONE FOR THE NEXT YEAR AND THEN THE NEXT! Hope Summer was wonderful for everyone lets take some time and remember Fall is here and time for the leaves to change and lets remember holiday’s are coming up. Time for Turkey and hopefully a smile on your face.


3 Years of Blogging Tomorrow

I guess I will have to come up with something to say to the world! 3 YEARS OF BLOGGING TOMORROW. Well hmm what shall I do. I know announce something about the podcast. Yes. I shall do that.

Anyways lots of love to everyone and take some time to relax. Pull out a chair. But if you would like to say congrats feel free. Yes Tomorrow September 19th 2006 is 3 years of blogging.

Sure has come a long way since the blogger days.

Hump Day Post – The Survey

So I had to fill out a survey and one of the questions was “What Adjectives Would Your Friends Use to Describe You?” So I went to the online people on the IM world and asked them this question of the people that knew me the best and I thought I would just post those answers. See if people that read my blog would agree. Would love the feedback.

I liked this question. So I called a few friends. and sent out a few IM’s and was a good way to see what people really think about me.

Jen had this to say. tall, geeky, friendly/outgoing, witty and funny to those that are can understand your type of humor

Then my friend Jenni had this to say. intriguing, smooth, computer genius, funny

I needed a male view so I called my buddy Darin and he was at a loss at the moment and had these to say: progressive, initiative

Jenni called me back and said I should add this bit: “I think you are like a good coffee. coffee makes you feel good, all warm and fuzzy inside, and it’s also slightly filling. good for the soul. wait let me change that. like a hooka because it’s smooth and complicated. But once you figure it out you’re golden.”

The KGB Mafia Man had this to say.

Tristan Pipo can be described with following adjectives:

3.Well tempered
4.Pure Hearted
5.Stubborn, but willing to learn about himself and the world around him.
6.Knowledge hungry.
7.Passionate about his life and his Friends.
8. A bit Cocky – but I like it. Shows that he has character.
9. Very easy going in general and fun loving person.
10. Loves his MAC, computers and every technological advancement.
Overall question is will I trust him with my Life – and the answer is- YES I WILL!

Just thought I would share this with the world. See I am not all bad =p


New iPods but today is beyond Stressful.

GRRRR ArrGihdlkajgaghjda; adosfjkl;ajglakssbnlkad uopjdalm Urge to become a ninja and stealthly do something evil rising!

Nothing really valuable today. I need a neck massage or something.