The Friday Beer

We have this ritual at work called Beer Friday. The last hour that you are working you are encouraged to go have a beer. Hang Out, Eat some Food, Play Some Pool, Air Hockey whatever. I try to embrace the rest of the world with this and send out a text message to everyone in my phone book.

Now let me explain how my phone book works. Every phone # I have is backed up on my laptop and so they are in sync. And when I create a new contact on my phone book it will sync with my laptop. So on occasion there are some people on the laptop address book that have been deleted from my phone. That I may not call anymore but may e-mail or something. So when I send out the mass text message I sometimes get “Who is this” or “Why are you telling me to drink stranger.” or “You fucking lush I don’t even know you”

I always chuckle and think we knew each other at one time. Oh how quick people forget. So to the people I forgot about. Aimee Dunlap, and the Amanda I am sure the curiosity eating away inside you will drive you to make the phone # you didn’t recognize to call and you will without a doubt get my voicemail and you will ponder oh Tristan. Why did I stop talking to him. While I chuckle and drink my beer down!

So it’s the weekend go enjoy an adult beverage! Tonight I will be having a pizza and some beer! If you care to join me well then I am more then happy to bring you some pizza and beer lets hang out.

Or if you have an issue with myself lets hear it I would love to clear the air. Have some food you know. I would much rather hear “Tristan I am bothered because you never returned my stapler” then nothing you know. Or “You are a great guy but I can’t talk to you” Which always got my brain bent out of shape like “what eh what?” but the logical person that I am tries to figure that out.

Happy Extra Long Weekend. Enjoy Summer while we have it.

I got a nice amber ale with my name on it. Or a nice Vodka Martini. Pizza Out!

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