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Well last friday I was out on the town a bit with someone we shall call “The R” makes me want to say arrrrr like a pirate. But anyways stopped at a barnes and noble and I picked up George Carlin – When Will Jesus Bring the Porkchops. I am a George Carlin fan and also got signed up for the Membership Card.

So as a clever ploy to get more money they sent me a coupon to my e-mail for 15% off one item and then my 10% off the item. So I went to the internets and ran a search and I found this book “The Complete A**Holes’s Guide To Handling Chicks” and I was a little blown away by the title so I do the read the review thing and it actually had a lot of positive reviews. So ran a search on amazon read a few pages seemed interesting so I placed an order. I also saw they had another book. But anyways didn’t order that one.

Normally I just like to go to barnes and nobel have a coffee and roam around checking out the stacks. So yeah.

Podcast Show #10 is recorded, edited, and ready to be pimped out to the internet. Where me and the KGB Mafia man sit down and discuss the caming trip of the 18th. So I should have that out tonight sometime. Encode, Upload, RSSerize, Podcatchers begin downloading.

Ubercaster has saved me so much time in the edit phase. Instead of record. Stop, Cut, Splice. Start Record again I can just hit record and go from there. A little more planning is required in the initial phase but it pays off.

I never really heard what anyone thought of Christy other then Dave wanting to see a Naked Picture. Anyways peace out.

Much Love to the Bloggerating World Of the Web

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