The Mac Has Disappointed Me

My Lost Contacts

I went to complete a sync with my laptop and somehow it deleted everything with iSync 2.0 now I am trying to rebuild 147 contacts that my phone removed! *cry* so if you could please send me your contact information.

Phone, E-Mail, Instant Message Screen Names, Address, I would greatly appreciate it. I have a backup of a few people. But not everyone. So just send it in just in case. Thank You So much for understanding.

This is the line that saddens me the most
5:40:47 PM [Mac -> Tristan Cell] Contacts changed: 2 added, 0 modified and 147 removed

UPDATE: We are back in business. Luckily my iPod had a backup of all my contacts that was only 2 days old. So had to do a little hacking but have all contacts back on my phone. Updated and Downloaded and now I am happy.

The thought lingers I am sure there are some #’s I have that people would prefer I have lost. But eh they are back now. Now backups are stored in multiple locations to prevent any further loss. So have a copy Online, NAS, iPod, Text File on the Cell Phone, and now on a CD.

Okay Paranoid to the Extreme now =p

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