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With all the hysteria people had about having AOL post their search queries. Well first off since they are using AOL that tells me that they are just plain stupid to use a real search engine. Google keeps it only by IP Address unless you tell it otherwise. So I thought I would post a list of my google searches since I am not really concerned about such matters. Here is what I search for on a given weekend. These are from Last Friday up until the blog post.

Enable Disk Mode on iPod
Mount the iPod Finder Without iTunes
Enable Disk Mode on iPod with OS X
iPod Applescript
iPod Disk
Get COntacts off your iPod
Washington State Bird
OSX Backup
Backup OS X
Restoring OS X iSync
undo an isync
restoring a delete address book os x
rapsccallion MUD
Mud Client OS X
Keg of Beer Cost
Sprial Frog
Ford Taurus Forums
Rachel Weisz
Stop Motion Animation
Richard Cheese
Tiffany Lang
OS X iPod
Olympic National Park
Dome Tent
Adding Color to WordPress Post Mod
WordPress Plugins
Washington State Ferries
htaccess deny from
sleep office
sleep comic
sleep funny
XGL on ubuntu
determining free memory in BSD
figure out processor speed in netbsd
Acid2 Test
Digg Swarm
The Day Couples Argue Most

Nothing really shocking there. But interesting to go back and look at all that. I find myself wanting to write of tech related stuff so a spec sheet is being worked on for a tech blog. Since I like to write that stuff but I get a lot of. “Yes Tristan Whatever you Say” or a bunch of *rolls eyes* e-mail. So I will seperate that out later.

Happy Tuesday That Feels like a Monday.

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