Good Mail Day

No Bills Today in the mailbox. Only 3 items.

An invitation to my buddies wedding. It’s in Utah though. I really don’t think I will be able ot make it. October 6th we shall see though. Kinda like ugh I want to go support a friend. But it’s like I am already traveling to much hard to make a choice.

I got my new Car Insurance cards and a notice they are dropping my bill by $20 a month. Hooray on the Car Inurance.

And then my Ticket came for the Podcast Media Expo I will by flying down to LA for the weekend. So if your in LA on September 29th and 30th would love to go have a beer. Shoot me an e-mail. Or if you just want to go they sent me a free guest pass.

Anyways off to hunt down some dinner.

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