Hump Day Post – The Survey

So I had to fill out a survey and one of the questions was “What Adjectives Would Your Friends Use to Describe You?” So I went to the online people on the IM world and asked them this question of the people that knew me the best and I thought I would just post those answers. See if people that read my blog would agree. Would love the feedback.

I liked this question. So I called a few friends. and sent out a few IM’s and was a good way to see what people really think about me.

Jen had this to say. tall, geeky, friendly/outgoing, witty and funny to those that are can understand your type of humor

Then my friend Jenni had this to say. intriguing, smooth, computer genius, funny

I needed a male view so I called my buddy Darin and he was at a loss at the moment and had these to say: progressive, initiative

Jenni called me back and said I should add this bit: “I think you are like a good coffee. coffee makes you feel good, all warm and fuzzy inside, and it’s also slightly filling. good for the soul. wait let me change that. like a hooka because it’s smooth and complicated. But once you figure it out you’re golden.”

The KGB Mafia Man had this to say.

Tristan Pipo can be described with following adjectives:

3.Well tempered
4.Pure Hearted
5.Stubborn, but willing to learn about himself and the world around him.
6.Knowledge hungry.
7.Passionate about his life and his Friends.
8. A bit Cocky – but I like it. Shows that he has character.
9. Very easy going in general and fun loving person.
10. Loves his MAC, computers and every technological advancement.
Overall question is will I trust him with my Life – and the answer is- YES I WILL!

Just thought I would share this with the world. See I am not all bad =p

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