3 Years Today

So today I meant to do a solo Podcast. But that got sidetracked because of the rain and not packing my laptop with me to work. But this evening I did record the brand new Podcast we are going to launch in a month or two and I must say this is awesome stuff. I must say that the work that is going into this new setup is just amazing. I got to go sit in a real studio and record something that will be great. That is all I can really say about it for now.

So Next week on September 28th 2006 I will be boarding a plane and skipping beer friday and going to the Podcast Expo. If anyone wants any swag hit me up. Me and Mr. Mike England will be in attendance and having a great time. I will get to try some L.A Beer.

So been 3 years of blogging. What have we done. Well in 3 years since I first wrote a blog I was in Indiana and caught onto this whole idea when I read that Google bought Blogger and blogger had all the premium services for free. That is when I got started and Push Button Publishing had a new meaning.

Easy to use interface is what got me hooked but as with the natural progression of things. I am now running wordpress and running the database on the local side and doing so has required me to get ready for the next migration to more space and bandwidth. Doing the Podcasts is no cheap venture but I really do enjoy doing them. But anyways so in 3 years we are on Post #737 and I must say it’s been a hell of a great time. I really enjoy writing something and knowing people read it and get feedback from the world.

I must say my natural progression over 3 years has been a great deal of fun to track. From one sentence blog posts about how I was vague about working at best buy or my girlfriend at the time. Now talking about anything and getting my thoughts out there the only way I know how. Well I do audio as well =p.

I get told I need to talk about my romantic life a bit more. I do get asked a lot what are you looking for in a girl Tristan. I am sure I could answer this but I think it’s hard to pin down exactly what I want because I think every person that I get to share some experience with life rubs off a bit on me and I assume a bit of myself on them and what I want today maybe will change tomorrow. But Nice Legs never hurt =p.

So 3 years has been great. Here is to more blogging. Get out there start your own blog! Get an RSS Feed! People sometimes say they hate the word Blog. Okay come read my website. Come read my online journal. Come read what is on my mind in a digital text format. You are who you are and everyone wants to be heard. Someone will feel better knowing that someone is reading what you are writing and getting feedback. Go find a random blog and leave a thought. I always smile when I hear that *Ding* and gMail icon goes red and says (1) and I click on it and it says [TristanPipo.com Comment] I get excited and want to see who took the time to write something. I really enjoy comments.

But anyways cheers to the blogging world. And to those who don’t blog start blogging just please do not use the MySpace blogging because it’s not true Web 2.0. Sign up for LiveJournal, Moveable Type, Blogger, .Mac, WordPress.com, Typosphere, Xanaga whatever. You want but I try to talk you away from MySpace Blogging because a user cannot grab your feed and see when you have updated. Since it does not use RSS that works with most feed readers.

You can check out the blogs I read on a daily basis at http://www.bloglines.com/public/TristanPipo and Thank You Everyone for reading. Next celebration will be at either 4 years or 1000 posts. Which ever comes first.

Much Love to Everyone and Hope Happiness Will find you and enrich your life. Life is to short. Call that person you haven’t talked to in a while. Write an e-mail to that person you haven’t heard from in a while see whats up. Google Search for something you have always wanted to know. I searched for what would happen if you could dig a hole through the earth. It would cut down on travel time to travel to the other side of the world in 42 mins and you would fall through the earth reach the other side and then fall back again and this would just repeat over and over. If you were in a vacuum and nothing to stop you. Thanks HowStuffWorks.com for that lovely answer.

3 YEARS COMPLETE! TOAST AND CHEERS TO EVERYONE FOR THE NEXT YEAR AND THEN THE NEXT! Hope Summer was wonderful for everyone lets take some time and remember Fall is here and time for the leaves to change and lets remember holiday’s are coming up. Time for Turkey and hopefully a smile on your face.


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