Site Down

I had a little bit of a site outage when I changed the caching options on the page. I was trying to implement a system where I changed how the site was cached for your web browser so you would have a cookie that would be persistent while you visited the page so it would contain the information that you have looked at already and get it out of your browsers cache if it was there.  It was generating errors with the spam protection system when bots were hitting my site it would then cause them to download large amounts of data because it was not able to reindex the page so to speak and would cause them to generate a ton of requests.  So I  had to take the site down for a few moments while I removed the malicious code from the blogging software. Everything has been updated to what it was yesterday. Anyways all should be well. So I would like to Thank Putty and the wonderful forums over at wordpress for helping me get the site back online.

But in all reality most readers would have noticed no downtime and would think okay. Well see that is just how good I am. Put up a static page as a mirror for the moment. =p

But since I was doing this live it took the site down for a short period of time. Things are back up and running.

Thanks and Cheers!

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