FUBAR Friday!

Well it’s Friday and I thought I would start off from a word from my one and only male stalker.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=pFyxDNa1Gps (NSFW)

I haven’t had a real chance to watch the whole thing but from what I have seen I think I should be in total fear of Mr. Dave Grady. So that how that goes.

I have noticed the little txt message I send out nearly every friday while I am consuming my adult beverage at work.

Happy Beer Friday

So I invite everyone out to enjoy the weekend with the start of a Cold one. I will drink one in your honor. This weekend shall be filled with a great deal of mystery as I embark on a journey of a lifetime. I think I will check out a flick. See what the world of hollywood is using to suck $6.50 out of my pocket and make me ponder of 35mm for 90mins-2hrs.

But whatever the weekend holds. Next weekend I will be in the land of the Sun sucking down a Martini that is Shaken with some Grey Goose. Or perhaps I will do that this weekend also. I like expensive micro brews and expensive Vodka.

But anyways hope everyone has a great weekend. I will be available via cell phone if you would like to share a few laughs. I was thinking of a funny story about a frog one time. Maybe you will get to hear that story.

Anyways L.A. will be over taken with Podcasting Geeks Next Week which will be sweet. Maybe I will run into soccergirl. Or Mary and Karla. Perhaps time will tell.

Much Love to Everyone and the Weekend. And this weekend I am feeling extra generous. Hugs for Everyone

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