5 Years Later on September 11th

Well here we are 5 years after the date that nobody will forget. So what have we accomplished in 5 years.

Well we have spent billions of dollars so that we can have a “safe” feeling. Do you feel safe? I will say that I do not feel any safer then I did before 9/11/2001. I think it is because I have come to terms with that we are all going to die. Maybe not today or tomorrow but someday. Everyone wants to live forever though but we can’t. If a chemical or a nuclear weapon was coming and we had like a few minutes of alert. All you can really do is bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.

So I am trying to think of what we have accomplished. We arrested Saddam he was a bit of a lunatic in his country. But we didn’t find any weapons of mass destruction. What a shocker! But I digress the world is messed up mostly because the world is filled with a lot of messed up people.

There is depression and doubt and lack of confidence and people are going around trying to fill up that emptiness with some sort of filler. Some pointless cause to get behind. Which brings me to the topic of the first movie I ever went solo to go see.
So lets bring out my review of World Trade Center. Now I had been wanting to see this movie ever since I was surfing around AintItCool.com and saw that Oliver Stone was making this film. Now a typical Olvier Stone film like JFK is very politcal wanting to make a statement which I was expecting with World Trade Center. But it wasn’t like this at all. This movie was about the human spirit to live on. It’s about some characters that get trapped alive under the towers when they fall and about their families wondering if they are alive. I had been wanting to see this movie since release and the only person I could find to go with decided to move and she is not reachable because of lack of cell phone or e-mail. So I ran a poll of the cell phone book and I recieved responses that it was “To Soon to make this kind of movie” or “I don’t want to be depressed.” I find most of that to be a load of bull shit. When United 93 came out I saw that opening day and it was one of the few movies of my time that have spoken to me. I walked in a complete sense of silence. I went with Teresa, Jason, Lindsay and Chris. I recall walking out of that movie and not knowing what to say. But with World Trade Center I felt good about being a human being. That in tragedy everyone is still willing to get together and help each other out. The world is full of so many strangers and I think that is a big cause of fear in most people.

Think about it some random person says Hello to you on the street. People tend to think What the hell? Or Was that guy just hitting on me? It’s like I am afraid to be friendly to strangers anymore because you are never sure how a Hello will be taken. I walk to work every morning and I see a lot of the same people everyday and the few people that I see everyday and say Hello to always makes the day a little better. But when I say Hello to a stranger and get nothing I think that guy was a jerk off and he probably thinks the same of myself. That isn’t something that should happen. But anyways World Trade Center it’s not a depressing film it’s a great film I give it a 9 out of 10 stars.

But when I think of September 11th 2001 I recall that I was sitting in my girlfriends living room on the couch with her dad watching some old home movies when the phone rang with her Mom screaming “We are Under Attack!” I flip over to CNN and see the second building get hit. Now recall at this time I was in Kokomo, IN which is pretty much a scab on the face of the midwest flyover states. Or we can call it Cow-Fuck-Town, Indiana where there are more strip clubs and churches then Starbucks. They built one starbucks the entire time I was in that town. I remember going in to order and was like yes Vente Chai Tea with NonFat Milk and a dash of Cinnamon. Mr Cash Register Operator tought I wanted Tea and my impression of Starbucks in the midwest was doomed. My girlfriend at the time ordered a Vente Brownie Mocha with Extra Choclate and Brownies on Ice. A typical girl drink. It’s like when I see a girl drink Bud Light. Might as well drink water in my book. If I see a girl order a dark beer I am like now there is a woman who knows her beer and she is hot in my book. But I digress Location of myself on 9/11.

So that day I had to go to school. If I recall it was a Tuesday. I had my “Introduction to Computers Class” they had CNN on the TV and someone made the comment. “Man I am sure we are the next target we have the Chrysler Transmission Plan, Delphi and a Wal-Mart” HOLY SHIT A WAL-MART! HOLY FUCK WE ARE FOR SURE GOING TO DIE! SAVE US NOW! you stupid Redneck Midwest Fuck-a-long. I hate Wal-Mart and all but give me a fucking break. I really doubt Ishad in Cockistan really gives a shit about the midwest. Though I could see him wanting to wipe out all the religous nut bags who like to fuck their cousins while eating their cereal in the trailer while nevermind not worth finishing that sentence.

But at that moment I knew this country was going to get behind the ball bag of the bush we have in office. Because well people that are empty of mind need whatever filler they can. They tend to be afraid to formulate their own thought and just believe whatever they are told. I love a good healthy debate.

But I digress it’s 5 years later. World has changed. We have no real resolution to anything and people are living in an odd fear. The morons of america voted for Bush again. I do wonder what new low grade moron we will vote in next. I would vote for Christopher Walken just for the sure humor involved. I wish Jon Stewart would run that would be awesome. Have Stephen Colbert for Vice President. One can dream.

My thoughts are with the people that passed on that day 5 years ago.

Hope Everyone had a great weekend.

Good Mail Day

No Bills Today in the mailbox. Only 3 items.

An invitation to my buddies wedding. It’s in Utah though. I really don’t think I will be able ot make it. October 6th we shall see though. Kinda like ugh I want to go support a friend. But it’s like I am already traveling to much hard to make a choice.

I got my new Car Insurance cards and a notice they are dropping my bill by $20 a month. Hooray on the Car Inurance.

And then my Ticket came for the Podcast Media Expo I will by flying down to LA for the weekend. So if your in LA on September 29th and 30th would love to go have a beer. Shoot me an e-mail. Or if you just want to go they sent me a free guest pass.

Anyways off to hunt down some dinner.

My Google Searches

With all the hysteria people had about having AOL post their search queries. Well first off since they are using AOL that tells me that they are just plain stupid to use a real search engine. Google keeps it only by IP Address unless you tell it otherwise. So I thought I would post a list of my google searches since I am not really concerned about such matters. Here is what I search for on a given weekend. These are from Last Friday up until the blog post.

Enable Disk Mode on iPod
Mount the iPod Finder Without iTunes
Enable Disk Mode on iPod with OS X
iPod Applescript
iPod Disk
Get COntacts off your iPod
Washington State Bird
OSX Backup
Backup OS X
Restoring OS X iSync
undo an isync
restoring a delete address book os x
rapsccallion MUD
Mud Client OS X
Keg of Beer Cost
Sprial Frog
Ford Taurus Forums
Rachel Weisz
Stop Motion Animation
Richard Cheese
Tiffany Lang
OS X iPod
Olympic National Park
Dome Tent
Adding Color to WordPress Post Mod
WordPress Plugins
Washington State Ferries
htaccess deny from
sleep office
sleep comic
sleep funny
XGL on ubuntu
determining free memory in BSD
figure out processor speed in netbsd
Acid2 Test
Digg Swarm
The Day Couples Argue Most

Nothing really shocking there. But interesting to go back and look at all that. I find myself wanting to write of tech related stuff so a spec sheet is being worked on for a tech blog. Since I like to write that stuff but I get a lot of. “Yes Tristan Whatever you Say” or a bunch of *rolls eyes* e-mail. So I will seperate that out later.

Happy Tuesday That Feels like a Monday.

The Mac Has Disappointed Me

My Lost Contacts

I went to complete a sync with my laptop and somehow it deleted everything with iSync 2.0 now I am trying to rebuild 147 contacts that my phone removed! *cry* so if you could please send me your contact information.

Phone, E-Mail, Instant Message Screen Names, Address, I would greatly appreciate it. I have a backup of a few people. But not everyone. So just send it in just in case. Thank You So much for understanding.

This is the line that saddens me the most
5:40:47 PM [Mac -> Tristan Cell] Contacts changed: 2 added, 0 modified and 147 removed

UPDATE: We are back in business. Luckily my iPod had a backup of all my contacts that was only 2 days old. So had to do a little hacking but have all contacts back on my phone. Updated and Downloaded and now I am happy.

The thought lingers I am sure there are some #’s I have that people would prefer I have lost. But eh they are back now. Now backups are stored in multiple locations to prevent any further loss. So have a copy Online, NAS, iPod, Text File on the Cell Phone, and now on a CD.

Okay Paranoid to the Extreme now =p

The Friday Beer

We have this ritual at work called Beer Friday. The last hour that you are working you are encouraged to go have a beer. Hang Out, Eat some Food, Play Some Pool, Air Hockey whatever. I try to embrace the rest of the world with this and send out a text message to everyone in my phone book.

Now let me explain how my phone book works. Every phone # I have is backed up on my laptop and so they are in sync. And when I create a new contact on my phone book it will sync with my laptop. So on occasion there are some people on the laptop address book that have been deleted from my phone. That I may not call anymore but may e-mail or something. So when I send out the mass text message I sometimes get “Who is this” or “Why are you telling me to drink stranger.” or “You fucking lush I don’t even know you”

I always chuckle and think we knew each other at one time. Oh how quick people forget. So to the people I forgot about. Aimee Dunlap, and the Amanda I am sure the curiosity eating away inside you will drive you to make the phone # you didn’t recognize to call and you will without a doubt get my voicemail and you will ponder oh Tristan. Why did I stop talking to him. While I chuckle and drink my beer down!

So it’s the weekend go enjoy an adult beverage! Tonight I will be having a pizza and some beer! If you care to join me well then I am more then happy to bring you some pizza and beer lets hang out.

Or if you have an issue with myself lets hear it I would love to clear the air. Have some food you know. I would much rather hear “Tristan I am bothered because you never returned my stapler” then nothing you know. Or “You are a great guy but I can’t talk to you” Which always got my brain bent out of shape like “what eh what?” but the logical person that I am tries to figure that out.

Happy Extra Long Weekend. Enjoy Summer while we have it.

I got a nice amber ale with my name on it. Or a nice Vodka Martini. Pizza Out!

The Thoughts

Well last friday I was out on the town a bit with someone we shall call “The R” makes me want to say arrrrr like a pirate. But anyways stopped at a barnes and noble and I picked up George Carlin – When Will Jesus Bring the Porkchops. I am a George Carlin fan and also got signed up for the Membership Card.

So as a clever ploy to get more money they sent me a coupon to my e-mail for 15% off one item and then my 10% off the item. So I went to the internets and ran a search and I found this book “The Complete A**Holes’s Guide To Handling Chicks” and I was a little blown away by the title so I do the read the review thing and it actually had a lot of positive reviews. So ran a search on amazon read a few pages seemed interesting so I placed an order. I also saw they had another book. But anyways didn’t order that one.

Normally I just like to go to barnes and nobel have a coffee and roam around checking out the stacks. So yeah.

Podcast Show #10 is recorded, edited, and ready to be pimped out to the internet. Where me and the KGB Mafia man sit down and discuss the caming trip of the 18th. So I should have that out tonight sometime. Encode, Upload, RSSerize, Podcatchers begin downloading.

Ubercaster has saved me so much time in the edit phase. Instead of record. Stop, Cut, Splice. Start Record again I can just hit record and go from there. A little more planning is required in the initial phase but it pays off.

I never really heard what anyone thought of Christy other then Dave wanting to see a Naked Picture. Anyways peace out.

Much Love to the Bloggerating World Of the Web