September 2006

Well here we are 5 years after the date that nobody will forget. So what have we accomplished in 5 years. Well we have spent billions of dollars so that we can have a “safe” feeling. Do you feel safe? I will say that I do not feel any safer then I did before 9/11/2001. […]

No Bills Today in the mailbox. Only 3 items. An invitation to my buddies wedding. It’s in Utah though. I really don’t think I will be able ot make it. October 6th we shall see though. Kinda like ugh I want to go support a friend. But it’s like I am already traveling to much […]

With all the hysteria people had about having AOL post their search queries. Well first off since they are using AOL that tells me that they are just plain stupid to use a real search engine. Google keeps it only by IP Address unless you tell it otherwise. So I thought I would post a […]

I went to complete a sync with my laptop and somehow it deleted everything with iSync 2.0 now I am trying to rebuild 147 contacts that my phone removed! *cry* so if you could please send me your contact information. Phone, E-Mail, Instant Message Screen Names, Address, I would greatly appreciate it. I have a […]

We have this ritual at work called Beer Friday. The last hour that you are working you are encouraged to go have a beer. Hang Out, Eat some Food, Play Some Pool, Air Hockey whatever. I try to embrace the rest of the world with this and send out a text message to everyone in […]

Well last friday I was out on the town a bit with someone we shall call “The R” makes me want to say arrrrr like a pirate. But anyways stopped at a barnes and noble and I picked up George Carlin – When Will Jesus Bring the Porkchops. I am a George Carlin fan and […]