October 2006

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Well most people that read blogs or write in a blog should know that they are part of the Web2.0 revolution of this user created content era. I love this kinda thing. Podcasts, Blogs, Easy to Use Technology created by users and small start ups it’s wonderful. I found a new one today called ClaimID.com […]

Have I lost my mind to write about girls pants? Not Today! So this has been an issue for a while when my girlfriend at the time would wear these as clothing. Now if you don’t know what Capri Pants are I grabbed the wiki definition. They are a pair of pants that stop mid […]

A Story Eh? Okay a story here we lets go back into the past a bit. I was 17 I got my first job. I was working at McDonalds. Since they found me to be a useful asset to the company I was pretty much doing every job in the store. I was best at […]

I love Taco Del Mar. I was talking to the FromSeattleWithLove.com KGB Mafia Man and I was thinking man Taco Del Mar Sounds Good. Then I said to him on MSN. “I Just want to get into my Car and Drive to Taco Del Mar” Then I thought I had to blog it so if […]

So this is something I would have to say to myself. I was speaking with Jennifer#1 on the phone this evening and she mentioned that the comment system was not working. So I was trying to figure out why. It worked with my old webhost and then I got to thinking. No hidden files were […]

I love this. I was going to use it as an Intro to a Podcast. I have put the text up before. But here is the actual file. This was on the old blog so this is basically a repost. But that link is no longer valid and just thought I would bring it back […]

Okay now we are on the new webserver. Latest Version of the Database. All the Posts since Friday are here! Anyways it was an error on my part the default database was reading the first test import. So I had to do a rewrite on some nerdy stuff most people will not care about. But […]

I saw this one on a comment and I loved it. “She is one match co-processor shy of a 486” I was in stitches for a good minute about that one. People around the office enjoyed and we have a new slang at work. In other geek humor I found this link via Digg about […]