Back From Cali

So I am back from the Podcast and Portable Media Expo. I have tons of swag and I picked up some postcards but I left them in the HQ down in Los Angeles, CA so I will figure something out for that.

So we had planned on recording a podcast while I was down there but I didn’t have a working Mic with me so that went down the tubes of the internet. So I will have to blast a lottery ball through the tubes to clear it out. But I digress we are going to record on Thursday.

I am also working on an updated webserver so when I get ready to flip the switch over to the new one I will be sure to let everyone know. But if it works properly you will notice little difference.

I have been working on the Russian KGB Mafia Man’s website which you can find at So we begin with the flood gates.

I got a copy of “Lack of BandName” new single “Voice” which I will try to use in a future podcast to pimp them out a bit it was interesting to sit in on that recording. So while I get everything nerded up for a Server Move, New Blogs, New Ideas,, Podcasts, Voicemails, Hardware and all that fun jazz I continue to be busy with a lack of a Blog.

So many updates so little time. I have been working on getting this idea from concept to reality.

I am sure many people know what a Wiki is which is basically an editable resource of information. I was going to start one about myself have it broken down by years and what was accomplished and pretty much have a true resource of everything about myself online. Though it will be private by invite only to read and edit It will be the true me since a lot of stuff I don’t really talk about.

The topics I tend to avoid in great detail are.

Work, Relationships, Women

So I will be exploring those but in a private space.

On a side note if you would like your blog to be hosted with a .com shoot me an e-mail and I can get that setup for you.

Nothing really here just a scrambled mess of a quick update I could do in a slow period in my day.

I got a new 30GB 5.5G Video iPod. My 20GB 4G iPod decided to die. The guy at the apple store said it could be fixed with a $99 replacement from some iPod Repair site. If anyone would like it shoot me an e-mail and a free broken iPod can be yours for the cost of shipping.

Random Thoughts.

-End of Line-

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